Wednesday, November 09, 2016

I was a hopeful man. I was a patriotic man. I loved my country. This election has broken the very heart of that. The actions, words, and ideologies it vindicates. The people that it emboldens. What a mistake, and with Congress and probably two Supreme Court Justices, a very costly mistake. I am dismayed. I am disheartened. I am ashamed of my country, more than I was from 2000-08. I am scared for the future, though I know that’s only an educated guess at this point. I want to disconnect, burrow in and just stay there. I’m sure I will be back, but right now I need to think about the best way for me to “be the change I want to be” and how to best to affect that change in others. If that is something I even want to still worry about. I know I don’t want to argue about blame right now. The blame lies at the feet of the Americans who voted for him. I don’t want talk about what ifs. This is what is. How to best deal with it?

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