Friday, June 08, 2007

scooter, terror, and the league of wealthy nations

This week brought us scooter libby's sentencing for perjury and obstruction of justice. He got thirty months in jail and $250,000.00, which is on the heavy side of what U.S. District Judge Reggie Walton could have given him. Maybe the letter from all of his high ranking red buddies and the token wacko leftie actually worked against him. Is henry kissinger someone you really want speaking on your character's behalf? I wonder who wrote the letter that got the charges dropped against the only two, of roughly 380 prisoners at Guantanamo, charged with crimes.

Speaking of the war on a noun, the terror alert was raised to yellow on the homeland security rainbow, because of a "plot" to take out JFK airport by igniting fuel pipes miles away. Funny thing is the "plot" was barely in the drawing board stages. There was talk, which is probably enough for further investigation and a watchful eye, but the front page of the NY Times for a "terrorist plot" that had no "set plan" or "financing"? It couldn't be that the failure-in-chief's administration will go to despicable lengths to boost his poll numbers and those of his red friends. Reds that are distancing themselves more and more in an effort to have us all forget how much they supported the smirking chimp, not to mention how they slandered all those who stood up against him. Maybe the intended boost was meant for gop grassroots donations which are down by 40%.

But let's all sit back, perhaps taking a deep breath of Rome's pot and coke laden air. Listening to the sound of 1,683 guitarists playing "Smoke on the Water" in the background as we move on to the G8 summit, where the lil' george tried to tell Russia that they are no threat to Us or Europe and the missile shield sites in the Czech Republic and Poland are meant for real threats like Iran (a "very close friend" of the recently liberated Afghani people). The response from Russian president putin, the man whose "soul" bush once "had a sense of", was "It's a defense against something which does not exist, It would be funny if it wasn't so sad". But that wasn't the worst president in history's only failure at the league of wealthy nations. Climate change is something all of the world, with the exception of the US, China, India, and a hand full of other "developing nations", agree requires concrete and immediate action. In the little prince of big oil's defense, he did call for more talks about more talks in 18 months. You know, as he's leaving office. Who knows, maybe he'll be gone before that.

Oh yeah and the American troop death toll in Iraq has passed 3,500.

Quote of the week:
"The candidates that can't face fox, can't face al qaeda"
-roger ailes, president of fox news
I just love the comparison.

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