Friday, May 30, 2008

Sometimes there's just too much to say.

It's amazing to me how much happens when I skip a week or two of typing. Was it crazy to think that talk of, and the subsequent backpedaling from, "appeasers" who want to talk to our enemies, like Sec. of Defense robert gates, exxon's favorite Secretary of State condi rice, and most recently, Israel, who is now negotiating directly with Syria, would have lasted more than a few days? Or the resignation of five top aides to formerly pro-campaign finance reform johnny third term, because of lobbyist ties, and worse yet ties to the bastards in Myanmar that kept rescue aid at bay for weeks? Even LIEberman, who will be speaking at pastor "catholicism is the great whore" hagee's joint, and graham, not to be confused with the old man's economic advisor gramm, who's been lobbying for one of the 'architects' of the mortage crisis, had to step down from their positions at the "527" Vets for Freedom group because of conflicts of interest. And on the pastors of bush jr. jr. mccain, johnny has finally rejected pastor hagee, whose endorsement he Actively sought. All it took was for hagee to tell us all that hitler was doing god's work. The oldest man to run for a first term also rejected his "spiritual guide", I assume for comments about how Men, like Washington and Jefferson, formed this country to destroy the "false religon" of Islam.

But why focus on all the problems of candidate mccain, when hillary is comparing her staying in the race until June with her husband's race. Unlike Senator Clinton's primary campaign, President Clinton had all but declared victory way in advance of June, and there were a helluva a lot more late primaries then (California was in June). And of course her campaign, remember she Was the shoe-in establishment candidate, is the same as Bobby Kennedy's 1968 Presidential campaign. Bobby Kennedy entered the race in March of 1968. That means he was running for three months by the time June came around. The woman, that moved to New York to run for Senate, entered the 2008 race in January of 2007. The real story here is that hillary clinton reminded us all that inspirational speakers, who speak of real change get killed. In a race, where I have personally been told of hillary's opponent "I'm so scared he's gonna get killed" or the even more simplistic "someone's going to kill him", she's using fear mongering politics, like roveco. used to fool a country, telling people "Bobby Kennedy was assasinated in June". So, you know, anything can happen. This was the fourth time in the campaign she brought up Senator Robert Kennedy's murder. This time only a week after his brother, Senator Edward Kennedy, was diagnosed with a malignant brain tumor. But enough about her. That race will be over next week.

Let's talk about the friggin' chest bumper-in-chief. Seems his old mouth piece is out and about with a tell all book, and it's got them all in a feeding frenzy. Sweet Schadenfreude! The co-conspirator that let a GOP lovin' gay prostitute, writing for a tiny little website, into the White House briefing room week after week to ask the talking chimp softball questions, says his old boss is self, and publicly, deceptive. That the Iraq NIE was declassified by the president for leakage to the press, and they were all lying about the outing of a CIA agent. He writes of little georgie bush and friends' failure and "state of denial" before, during, and in the wake of the catastrophe of Hurricane Katrina. And the big bombshell... that the lead up to the war in Iraq was propaganda, as opposed to candor, honesty and a real discussion about the necessity of war. It should be said that I, like the little prince, have not read the book, just the reports on it. What does rover have to say about scotty turning on the administration? He says former mouthpiece mcclellan sounds "like a left wing blogger". You know what I have to say to that? Thats' because he's speaking the truth!

"I am concerned-as I believe most Americans are concerned-that the course we are following at the present time is deeply wrong... I am concerned-as I believe most Americans are concerned-that we are acting as if no other nation existed, against the judgment and desires of neutrals and other historic allies alike"

"But past error is no excuse for its perpetration. Tragedy is a tool for the living to gain wisdom... Now, as ever, we do ourselves best justice when we measure ourselves against ancient texts, as in Sophocles [from Antigone] 'All men make mistakes, but a good man yields when he knows his course is wrong, and repairs the evil"

"the young men we have sent there [Vietnam]; not just the killed, but those who have to kill; not just the maimed, but all those who must look upon the results of what they are forced and have to do"

"the price we pay in our innermost lives, and in the spirit of this country"

"war is not an enterprise lighltly to be undertaken, nor prolonged one moment past its absolute necessity"

"Our Country is in Danger: not just from foreign enemies; but above all, from our own misguided policies-and what they can do to the nation that Thomas Jefferson once said was the last, great hope for mankind. there is a contest on, not for the rule of America but for the heart of America"
- Senator Robert F. Kennedy

Saturday, May 17, 2008

appeasement golf

Keith Olbermann!!!!

Joe Biden and more Joe Biden

Jon Stewart

Chris Mathews

On bush's "bullshit" statements on "appeasement" at an event In Israel celebrating its 60th Birthday and his "tone deaf, arrogant, embarassing gesture" to give up golf in "solidarity" with military families and soliers in Iraq.

More from me later on this out of touch, utterly incompetent, failure in Our White House, who has created one hell of a mess after 7+ years.

Friday, May 09, 2008

The Unthinkable, The Unconscionable, and The Noble

It is feared that as many as 100,000 people have died due to the catastrophic cyclone that hit Myanmar, or as some still refer to it, Burma, on Friday May 2. 1,500,000 people have been effected by this incredible storm. A storm more devastating perhaps than anything seen before. Why then has the UN suspended aid to Myanmar? The "junta" government in Myanmar has been seizing the aid before it gets to the victims that need it. This military government is Denying international aid to its dying public. It is unthinkable and unforgivable, and further proof that there are governments in the world, especially those installed by gun point, that have not a care for the people they "govern".

Smoke continues to rise and bullets continue to fly in Lebanon, where "militants" and the military once again battle. "Pro-government fighters" have lost Beirut to hezbollah and other Shiite militias. You may recall Israel taking on hezbollah, who is backed by Syria and Iran, in a month long conflict, because of the capture of two Israeli soldiers. When the conflict ended, hezbollah declared a 'divine victory'. An all out civil war, which is feared by many in Lebanon, would give the unstable region even more instability. But we have a different possible civil war on Our minds. A civil war that would occur as a result of a "pre-emptive" strike, or invasion, by the United States of America. A "doctrine" that has inflamed instability in the region of Asia We refer to as the Middle East.

In wartime news, Congress is just about set to give the chickenhawk-in-chief another blank check, but with caveat this time. The addition of an increase in education benefits for veterans has "blue dog" Democrats and little georgey 29% up in arms. You see the "blue dog" Democrats, or as I like to call them "Pick your party or go independent" democrats are for "pay as you go" which means no spending unless you have the funding source. This "principle" of course doesn't count when talking about $70,000,000,000.00+ in funds for a war that has cost Us $500,000,000,000.00 already. Maybe I should refer to them as "pick and choose" Democrats. Senator Jim Webb has proposed a new GI Bill which enlarges education benefits to veterans. Little prince AWOL and his henchmen (and woman) are against it, because it would make it harder to get people to re-enlist. After serving their Country, more soldiers would want to go to college instead of going back to the frontlines from which they have just returned. You heard right, if we give them to many benefits for fighting for "Our Freedom" then they may want to use them instead of going on their SEVENTH tour of duty. Unconscionable! Of course, grumpy "i was a prisoner of war" grampa, being the biggest superstar hero veteran of the universe is... not sure/against it. What a pandering, bullshit express jerk the distinguished Senator from Arizona has turned out to be, since he trading in his pre-2000 maverick status for the title of bush jr. jr.

Since I mentioned johnny third term, and in the interest of equal time, Senator Barack Obama has taken an undeniable and increasingly insurmountable lead in pledged delegates, state contests, and the Popular vote in the Democratic Party's Presidential Primary. And has now taken the lead in superdelegates. Senator Clinton is remaining in the race. Recently, using Indiana and the southern state of North Carolina to base how all us whites vote, she recently gave "Obama's support among working, hard-working Americans, white Americans, is weakening again" as the reason for her continuing. At least it's a noble cause.

Just a side note: Gallup says Obama's support among whitey is as high as Candidate Kerry's was in 2004. The uninspiring Senator Kerry didn't have the youth, black, or new vote that Senator Barack Obama has. If he did, maybe the last four years would have gone a little differently.

Monday, May 05, 2008

I know what I said but it's poetry.

I know it's barely a week since I said I would stay out of primary rantings. But at least I wrote it in poem form.

What They Say
(An Ode to the Clinton Campaign)

Who has lived in the castle should be the next king.
First Family Clinton has such a nice ring.

It’s not Inspiring Millions to engage for their first.
The only way to “real” change is more Senate experience with the worst.

Don’t judge by our words, the ones we’ve “misstated”.
Judge by the pastor we once celebrated.

Behind in the polls, we’re the only shoe-in.
Just keep moving the goal posts to know how to win.

We'll yell and we"ll cackle, we'll cry and we'll drink.
We’ll fight the way they do. We know how they think.

The Ex-President's not asking for votes. He's asking for prayers.
The scandals we'll bring will certainly be rare.

We'll beat those darn reds. It's still us against them.
Even the ones who vote Our primary against Him.

Oh and my vote on the war I'm so dead against
I was duped by the smartest president yet.

Friday, May 02, 2008

Mission Accomplished

Five years ago yesterday a flight suited cheerleader-in-chief told Us all that "major combat operations in Iraq have ended". The media swooned. Johnny third term agreed and shouted of Our great victory. Now, five years later, little georgie 29%'s mouth piece says it wasn't the president's fault that the banner reading "Mission Accomplished" was misunderstood. Their defense is, don't laugh, "the Navy did it". The banner was framed in the top of almost every photograph from the empty headed tyrant's press corps simply for composition and of course was completely coincidental. This overly orchestrated, flight suited, image conscious, scripted event certainly wasn't paying attention to the backdrop. But let's talk about the Mission that has been Accomplished.

April 2008 in Iraq had the highest American casualty rate since August 2008. 4,064 troops have died. 3,924 since "Mission Accomplished" flew behind the failure-in-chief's bloated head. The bloated cost of the neo-con war in Iraq has climbed past $500,000,000,000.00. $435 million a day, $3 billion a week, $12 billion a month. More than any war the US has fought, with the exception of WWII. Iraqi reconstruction is not being paid for with Iraqi oil money, as war architects had promised. Water treatment plants in Baghdad still aren't working well enough. Electricity is still not at pre-invasion levels. The president of Iran can visit Iraq in broad daylight with advanced notice, and the president of the United States still has to make surprise visits and can't leave the "green zone". Hamas and Hezbollah have all gained strength during junior's "freedom march". Oil is $120 a barrel. Gas is at $3.62 per gallon. And al qaeda is gaining strength in Afghanistan and Pakistan, which is right where little george left them.

Mission Accomplished??? At least the worst president in history and his vice dick's buddies at haliburton and exxon/mobil have succeeded.