Wednesday, December 31, 2008

The Biggest News Stories of 2008

The 10 Biggest Stories of 2008:

1. Barack Obama elected President of the United States of America
2. 1.2 million Americans lost their job in 2008
3. Gas goes up to $4.10+ and down to $1.50+ with no real change in supply or demand.
4. The Wall Street Bailout. Investment Banks get $700,000,000,000.00 with bushco. responsible for oversight. (Half is gone, but noone knows to where.) Lehman Brothers allowed to go bankrupt by treasury secretary and former Goldman Sachs CEO henry paulson. Insurance company AIG gets about $100 billion.
5. Dow Jones drops 36.2% ($7.3 trillion) on the year.
6. The US auto industry receives sneers then $13.4 billion dollar in loans to stay out of bankruptcy.
7. Riots. (In the "third world" over food, in Greece over the shooting of a teen by the POlice, in tibet, in thailand)
8. More than 100 ships attacked by pirates
9. A reporter from an Iraqi owned paper threw two shoes at president george bush on his last surprise visit to Iraq (the crown jewel of his presidency).
10. The Beijing Olympics opening ceremony. (You might not think it was such a big story, but all I could think was Scary foreshadowing)

Honorable mention: The QEII (the big English cruise ship) is sold to Dubai, UAE. Fidel Castro resigns. Eliot Spitzer gets a Jersey Shore prostitute (all Federal charges have been dropped).

By FAR my favorite "viral" video of the year:
bill o'Leilly in "Fuck it! We'll do it live" the dance mix

Biggest news story to start off 2009:
the 43rd president of the United States steps down!/The 44th President of the United States takes office!

Remembering those that died in 2008:
George Carlin
Paul Newman
Isaac Hayes
Richard Wright
Jimmy Carl Black
Mitch Mitchell
Studs Terkel
Sidney Pollack
Bo Diddley
Bettie Page
Arthur C. Clarke
Sir Edmund Hillary
Heath Ledger
Tim Russert
Eartha Kitt
Bernie Mack
Bobby Fisher
Roy Sheider

I'm not that upset but...
William F Buckley
Jess Helms
died too.

Happy New Year Everybody!

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Olive Branches and old shoes.

Not to continue the white glove inspection of the always headlined every move of President-Elect Barack Obama, but...

Let's start with a couple of questions... Can anyone name (no googling) the current secretary of energy, secretary of agriculture, or head of the EPA? Who gave the invocation for either of junior's Inaugurations? Were there any progressives on the Clinton team? Clinton did have Maya Angelou speak at his Inauguration. That certainly counts for something. I've been saying all along that Barack Obama would do some things I would not like. Olive branches to Presidential primary opponents Biden, Clinton, Richardson, and Vilsack are understandable and justifiable. They are more than capable, have proper experience, notoriety, and are high profile nominations in what might be the highest profile cabinet ever seen. Former Iowa Governor Vilsack's understanding of agriculture and its connection to business is a plus, but his work with bio-engineering is a Minus. There are two republicans are on the team. There are military men at National Security and the CIA. But though there are Environmentalists at the EPA, Labor, and the New Cabinet level "Coordinator of Energy and Climate Policy", there have been no olive branches extended to the real progressives who worked so hard to get an African American one term Senator named Barack Hussein Obama elected as President.

The evangelical leader of the 22,000 strong saddlebrook church, and maybe the biggest preacher since ted haggard (who went to a gay prostitute for meth), is rick warren. His giving the invocation at Obama's Inauguration is no doubt meant to bring "religious right" social conservatives into the fold or at least into the ceremony. Seen by some as a "Be the bigger man" move to help create an environment where government can actually work, it remains a direct slap at Americans who voted and worked for Barack Obama for President. This intolerant "christian" considers homosexuals equivalent to pedophiles and the incestuous and to add insult to injury Obama hasn't tapped anyone from the other extreme to balance him out. In a related note, the pope recently called homosexuality "a wound" on humanity. I do wish people were paying as much attention to Obama's Inaugural benediction preacher pick, Civil Rights icon Rev. Joseph E. Lowery.

Barack's nod to warren brings up a situation similar to the Left watching him nominate centrists, those just left of center and republicans without any Real progressive representation. The ideas of universal health care, aggressive environmental stewardship, and investment in alternate fuels are there, but the nominees and/or appointments are not. If the Obama administration truly works towards these ends (there is little doubt of him agressively working on climate change), while helping the middle class, these nominations will be considered wise and animosity towards them will be forgotten. I know we're a long way from Secretary of Defense Kucinich or Head of the SEC Nader, but it would be nice to know that when "everyone will have a seat at the table", that means progressives too, especially when We worked so hard for Change.

It's also important to remember that the oil man in chief and his oil man/halliburton vice dick nominated a National Security Advisor that exxon named a tanker after. Almost all of his cabinet picks came out of the CEO washroom, or were friends with dick. There were few, if any, olive branches offered by the failure. And we all know, and will be reminded, how that has worked out.

On the fallen prince, I'm sure by now most have seen (here's video and here are some funny adaptations) or at least heard about the shoe attack of a reporter from a Iraqi owned newspaper on the great liberator of Iraq and failure in chief who has spent 4,819+ American military lives and $580,000,000.00+ of US taxpayers money mishandling an unnecessary war he mislead us into. Striking someone with your shoe is seen by many in the region as a big insult (remember the striking of saddam posters and statues). Not to worry, it sounds like the assailant has been more than adequately punished already by the new iraqi penal system and he faces two years in jail. The Rude Pundit and others (a lot of others) have begun to mail the president shoes in their own "This is a goodbye kiss, you dog".

To be fair it wasn't the only story of interest when it comes to the, the still nimble, lamest duck ever. He also admitted that al qaeda wasn't in Iraq until after the "invasion". Of course, when asked, the pathetic one refused to be held accountable or responsible for any of his signing statement unitary executive actions as president. Junior didn't "play the blame game" and admit that his foreign policy put al qaeda there, he simply responded "So What?"

In ever so often reminders, the 43rd president has been abissmal. The failures, scandals, and illegalities come so fast sometimes it's been hard to keep track. Which got me thinking, we should come up with a list.

Any suggestions?
I'll start....
How about...

"Major combat operations in Iraq have ended" May 1, 2003

Your turn.

Peace on Earth.
Goodwill towards Men.
David Calamoneri
Hoboken, NJ

Friday, December 12, 2008


Was President-Elect Barack Obama telling Barbara Walters, in his best Trumanian, "The buck stops with me" a Change? Is it a Change from the lack of responsibility and accountability of the last eight years. Is it a Change from it "depends on what 'is' is" before that, or "I do not recall" before that? Would someone taking responsibility for their actions as President be a Change?

When asked at a recent press conference about his cabinet not looking like a Change, President-Elect Obama responded "I suspect the American people would be troubled if I selected a treasury secretary or a chairman of an economic council at one of the most critical economic times in our history who had no experience in government whatsoever," "What we're going to do is combine experience with fresh thinking," "We need people who will be able to hit the ground running,"

There is a difference between the Need for "experienced" personnel to implement and advise on, at least the practicality of, policy, and the vision that was Needed in the Head of State to create a new direction in policy. It's like someone designing a house and then hiring carpenters and masons to build it. I understand that people are uneasy with so many cabinet picks having Clinton on their resume, but appointing someone who has experience, with say a recession like the one left by h.w. bush, might be a good idea. Anyone on the left, left center, or center with experience in the federal government, under the age of 60, will have the Clinton Administration somewhere in their resume, no? Not to mention the fact that eight years of peace and prosperity weren't such a bad thing.

Another problem Obama the Architect seems to be having is that some of the houses built by his recent nominations in the past are not to Our (the left's) liking. An economic team, composed mainly of those that were there for, and were proponents of, the further "deregulating" the banking and other industries during the economically prosperous Clinton years, concerns many of Us "hungry" for a Change. With the worst unemployment numbers since the 70's, retail sales and consumer confidence down and falling, the economic experts being nominated right now might realize that deregulation didn't work, at least not long term and not for most Americans. Who knows maybe they'll see the err of their ways. Imagine a Change in government where it's employees can admit a mistake and adjust, to a new situation, or to a New President.

The cabinet serves at the pleasure of the President. Underlings like dick, wolfie, rummy, and rover may have run the cheerleader puppet in chief for the last eight years, but that has not historically been the case, or at least isn't how the job description reads. With the power that Obama has right now, I would be surprised if he's nominating anyone who would not execute the policy of their President. Disagreements, discussion and debate? Sure. But at the end of the day the decisions on policy will be Obama's. Having an intelligent, competent President in the White House making those decisions is a Change from the eight if you ask me.

Tying energy, the environment, efficiency and health care to the economy, in a way that helps all three? Now that would be Change. At defense he's keeping bush appointee, Robert Gates. Nominating someone from the "other side of the aisle" is a Change in itself. We should have been out of Iraq before we went in, but at least he has been an adult at the helm. Gates has been a marked improvement over sometimes "funny", never accountable, "stuff happens" rummy. He is for Our withdrawal from Iraq and Closing Our prison in Guatanamo Bay. That is a Change. And he knows where the troops currently are, which may make it easier to get them out. The possibility of a Nobel Laureate in Physics as the Secretary of Energy? Now that's a Change. A president that believes in scientists, let alone that there is a climate change happening and we can help ease it without hurting ourselves. I see Change.

Unfortunately, some things don't Change. The incoming President, like his predecessor, will enter the White House greeted by serious warnings of threats against US and Our allies. "It is more likely than not that a weapon of mass destruction will be used in a terrorist attack somewhere in the world by the end of 2013." On the day President-Elect Barack Hussein Obama announced his Foreign Policy team, a bipartisan commission headed by Bob Graham(d) and Jim Talent(r) released it's congressionally mandated report, "World at Risk". One Change, the report refers to the country of Pakistan as an "unwitting source of a terrorist attack on the United States" as opposed to the popular nomenclature for countries that posed a similar risk in 2002. You remember "harborer of terrorists", don't you? All joking aside, the report is very serious and very scary.

The Change I most Hope to see (intel received by a book signing goer recently has taken Robert Kennedy Jr. off of that list) is a government that Works, and works for the bulk of the American People and not just for the royalty of industry. Barack Obama was labeled by the right as the most liberal senator, a radical from the left, but he is not. Being for a rational and conscious energy policy is not a solely liberal idea. The American government not condoning or participating in torture is not just a liberal idea. Nor are Habeus Corpus, the Constitution, or the Bill of Rights, though there is a part of me that wishes I could claim them for the liberal left. Barack Obama has been and will be a consensus builder. He will listen to all sides (the ones I like and the ones I don't) and will come up with a rational thought out solution. He is surrounding himself with smart, capable people not based on an ideology, like the last eight years, but based on the fact they can and will get the job done. Pragmatism, not to mention reality, may be just the Change Our politics and Our government need right. As much as I, personally, would like a lurch left, would it be a real Change from the failure's "you're with us or you're against us" bushit?

Oh and just real quick... still governor rod blagojevich is a complete and utter asshole and should definitely and immediately resign.

Saturday, November 22, 2008

A lot to say after a short break.

After a couple of weeks off of the computer, basking, in both the blue in '08 sunshine of Florida and in Our Glorious Victory that Elected Barack Obama President of the United States of America, I'm back to rant a bit. First off, Don't let anyone tell you that "the electoral college was a landslide, but the popular vote was really close". The 7,943,027 vote margin in the 2008 Presidential Election was the second largest margin of Victory in 24 years. William Jefferson Clinton beat h w bush by 8 million, but had Ross Perot not gotten 19 million that too may have been much closer. So gloat or not, rub it in their face or not, but don't let them belittle the decisiveness of Our Victory (20 pickups in the House and 7 in the Senate so far!!).

Next, It is fun to watch the uber-reds, "religious right", GOP, and plumber devotees eat themselves, but the daily palin interviews are too much for even the most avid car crash aficionado. HOPEfully, her latest "turkey pardon" interview, with the guy killing and bleeding turkeys behind her, will end it. And Speaking of dead turkeys, the longest sitting republican senator and convicted felon, ted stevens, was voted out of the US Senate by the people of Alaska. Can you see my smile in those words? I'm not going to talk about republican strategy going forward, because frankly I don't care. Let's take a look at the Democrats.

First the OUTRAGE, joe LIEberman ("LIE") should have been kicked out of at least his chairmanship. I actually didn't mind him on the Senate Committee on Environment and Public Works. He was better on that than he was on Governmental Oversight, where he did none. As Chairman he held No investigations of bush or his minions, not on the Katrina response (which he promised), on wiretapping, on torture, on rendition, on the rush to War, NOT ONE. For some reason, the Democrats feel that they will not be in control unless they have the almighty 60 (not to say that it's guaranteed that LIE will vote with the other 59). How did the republicans manage to jam the first 6 years of bush down Our throats with just a simple majority? Barack went to campaign for this rat in CT in 2006, and how is he repaid? LIE goes on national TV agreeing with the marxist and socialist claims, while on his non-stop campaign for the republican presidential nominee. He campaigned V. the Democratic party, with his "fear" for America's survival if the Democrats held 60 seats. I guess they want to keep playing nice, and this way the coming mccain-LIEberman global warming bill will still be "bi-partisan". It will be BY partisans alright!

In other leaders in Congress news, it's looking more and more like Senator "He's naive" Hillary "me and mccain have experience" Clinton will be Barack Obama's Secretary of State. Weeks of "news" has been made of this impending selection. Whether it's to "keep his friends close and his enemies closer" or his returning to past tradition, where it was almost customary for campaign rivals from the losing side to work for/be part of the victor's administration, Senator Clinton is a strong, intelligent, hard working public servant, and is a powerful International figure in her own right. I think she will make a good Secretary of State. I was just suprised by the choice and want to know that Obama is picking the best person FOR THE JOB, and it's not Just politics. The leader that seemed to want the position Sooo bad, Senator John Kerry, has been chosen to chair the Senate Foreign Relations Committee. Speaking of bringing your campaign rivals in, you do remember who Candidate Kerry's pick for VP was, don't you? Why do all these Congressional leaders want out of Congress and/or Obama is taking them now that they hold a bigger majority than I can remember? My favorite CHANGE in Democratic leadership, so far, is Representative Henry Waxman taking over at the House Energy and Commerce Committee. He beat out Rep. Dingell (d) who, by most accounts, favored the polluters and more specifically the Big Oil Companies. Rep. Waxman, acting as LIE's government affairs counterpart in the House, has been Tenacious, even before the Dem's kicked the reds out of the majority in 2006.

So yeah, it is SWEET to be on the winning side of things, and I am happy to be done arguing why Barack Obama should be President. Now I can refocus on the abissmal failures and the horrendous legacy that the 43rd president and his administration has left in Our laps and the laps of generations to come. We can add their rushed into $700,000,000,000.00 "bailout" to the list, the management of which the Inspector General of the US Treasury has decribed to Congress, under oath, as "a mess". They are marking Our continued "victory" in Iraq by hanging effigies of the sitting US president. Oh yeah and it is now reported that Iran has enough uranium to work on a nuCLEar bomb. Go bush watch go. Don't let the revisionists and selective amnesiacs forget the truth. Don't let them forget the inept response to a predicted natural disaster's catastrophic flooding of a US city and the lack of redevelopment in its aftermath. Don't let them forget their rush into and mismanagement of a "pre-emptive war in Iraq. Don't let them forget the Illegal spying on US Citizens, the condoning of torture, the indefinite holding of prisoners with no charge, the politicizing of the Department of Justice, the tax cuts for the rich while Increasing non-military and military spending. Don't let them forget going from a surplus to the biggest deficit in history and the DOW going from 10,887 to 7,552 (under Clinton it went from 3,310 to 10,587). They may not be all entirely bush's fault, but they ALL happened on his watch, as did the largest terrorist attacks on American soil. Not that Our government will ever hold him accountable, short of a sex scandal, but there may be a lawyer or two, like the Texas judge who indicted dick and alberto recently, who will.

So to everyone that told me that America will never elect a "black guy", to those who warned of the Bradley Effect and the "liberal polling" (the polls were right on by the way), to all you "center righters" out there, you who warned of "the rest of the country" I had forgotten about. All I have to say is... WRONG!

We Won! I have the stack of newspapers and magazines to prove it! HOPE beat fear!

Thursday, November 06, 2008


I can honestly say I have never woken up with Lee Greenwood in my head before, but today I can't seem to shake his "Proud to Be an American".

This election means a lot a things to a lot of people (and to me personally), and says a lot about Our Country.
Our Need for a New Direction
Our Ability to Move past the small politics of character assassination
Our Attitude toward race
Our Desire for a Change
And an understanding and Belief that We Could Do it

I know. I'm in the clouds right now, but this win was not by a narrow margin. This was not close. 349 (so far) electoral votes to 163. 52% of the popular vote (62,956,752 votes) to 46% (55,764,284). President-Elect Barack Obama's 52% of the popular vote marked the first time in 44 years a Democrat reached 51 let alone passed it. Obama's 50 State strategy, which Chairman Dean laid the foundation for, led him to victory in republican strongholds like Colorado, Indiana, Virginia, Nevada . Barack Obama won Ohio And Florida, and Pennsylvania wasn't close (by 10%).

We Did It! We Truly Did. But to tell you the truth, until Barack Obama takes the oath of office on January 20th, 2009 Officially making the 44th President, I don't think I'll fully believe it. Thank you to everyone that did anything to help this to happen. And most importantly THANK YOU to EVERYBODY that VOTED for Barack Obama for the President of the United States of America.

In other election news, The Democrats picked up 5 seats in the Senate, making their majority 56 to 41 (that includes LIEberman, who I think should be thrown out on his ass) and picked up 18 seats in the House making that majority 252 to 173. Massachusetts voted to decriminalize marijuana and South Dakota voted Down a Statewide ban on abortion.

More on other people's reactions later... and it's Worldwide!

To Progress! GObama!

Tuesday, November 04, 2008

I'm Nauseous.

So yeah. Nauseous, not really able to sleep, scared by the last two stolen elections, stomach in knots from the ridiculous points the other ticket's supporters are making to me, and still, albeit cautiously, Optimistic, when it comes to tomorrow's election. If you're getting this eMail you know damn well, my thoughts on the who I'm Voting For and the Why. I won't list them again, at least not here. What's important now is that the Vote Gets Out. Barack is still ahead in the polls, even in most of the "battleground" states, which Now include Indiana, North Carolina, Colorado, Montana and even Arizona. But he doesn't "have" anything yet and won't until after voting tomorrow.

Things to watch for tomorrow. If Virginia, Pennsylvania, and Florida go Obama, it's over. If he can hold on to every state Kerry won (only PA is in any jeopardy) and wins Fla, OH, or (Iowa, New Mexico, and Nevada, all of which is well ahead in) He wins! The African American voter turnout should be extremely high and I think He has inspired the youth to actually come out this time. Remember, this is about electoral votes, not the popular.

And finally, Vote! You have to vote to make a difference. Get to the polls, bring a friend, help a stranger get there, work the phone banks at your local Barack headquarters, but at the very least get out there and let your, albeit small, individual voice heard. It's not the small drop that makes the difference, it's when so many drops get together to form a flood. Yeah, I'm a bit delirious!

Here's to Hoping for the Future!

Get Out and Vote!


P.S. Can you believe it's finally here?!?

Friday, October 31, 2008

When they ask about Obama.

When they say he'll raise your taxes,
A) Families making less than $250,000.00, and individuals making less than $200,000, will see NO increase in their taxes, most in this bracket will see their taxes CUT. The Obama tax calculator is here.
B) If you make more than $250,000.00 a year you will be taxed at the same rate people in that bracket were under President Clinton. People seemed to do pretty well during that administration.
C) Obama will end tax breaks, effectively raising taxes, on businesses who send jobs oversees, and will give a tax credit to those that create jobs here in America.

When they ask about Obama's accomplishments,
A) He graduated Magnum Cum Laude from Harvard Law School, and was head of the Harvard Law Review.
B) He sponsored over 800 bills in the Illinois State Senate
C) In his first year and a half as United States Senator he sponsored 152 bills. Some of them are small, and some big.
D) He co-sponsored and lobbied for "sweeping" Ethics Reform Legislation with Russ Feingold.
E) He has Led his campaign for President for two years, against the party establishment (see primaries) and defeated the biggest name in Democratic politics since Kennedy. And after winning the primary, his first act of leadership over his party was to have them stop taking lobbyist and PAC money. Something his campaign has done all along.
F) Oh yeah and he is the First African American Candidate for President of the United States with a major party, that appears to be leading going into election day.

When they say he is the most Liberal Senator and/or Democrat
A) Ask them "Says who?".
B) There are plenty "Left" of Barack, Ted Kennedy, Russ Feingold, Diane Feinstein for starters. If you want to talk about of all the Democrats, bring in Kucinich, Conyers, Waxman, etc.
C) It will be a welcome change from what the most conservative administration has done over the past eight years.
D) Barack Obama is no "dove" (see more troops into war in Afghanistan). There is certainly some room to the left of that stance.
E) He has partnered with Republican Leaders, like Dick Lugar and Chuck Hagel on several occasions.

When they say he's a muslim.
A) He has been a Christian all his life.
B) You may not want to bring him up, but they may remember stories about his pastor.
C) As former General and Secretary of State, colin powell, recently said "what if he is? Is there something wrong with being a Muslim in this country? The answer’s no, that’s not America."

When they say, fear the terrorist attack if he should get in.
A) The worst attack on the United States happened in 2001, on bush's watch. When they blame Clinton, by saying "they" were planning it during Clinton, ask them does that mean that they're planning the attack for Obama's tenure during bush? If you really want to get into it, you could mention the warnings from Richard Clarke and others that bush did get.
B) Members of al qaeda have come out to support mccain's candidacy.
C) Barack Obama is no "dove" (see more troops into war in Afghanistan).

When they say he's not a citizen or a "natural born" citizen,
A) Barack Obama was born in Hawaii August 4, 1961, two years after Hawaii achieved statehood. His campaign provided an image of the birth certificate a few months ago.
B) Candidate mccain was born in Panama (in the "canal zone").

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Barack in Richmond, Virginia "We All Love this Country"

Here’s What You Have to Do to Make Sure You Get to Vote.

I've been getting asked lately about numbers to call about voter suppression, polling places, etc. And yeah, when you go to vote you should cover your Obama shirt, take off your Obama button and leave any literature 50 Feet away from the polling place. Accidental electioneering would be a pretty lame reason for not being allowed to vote.

Here's a good link about early voting, voter challenges, and suppression.

For Jersey folks you can go here to find your polling place and here for what ID you can use. For out of state readers, you can just google polling places and the state you're in. County Registrars usually are a good place to start.

And speaking of other states, a regular reader and responder to the Ink asked me to ask if anyone wants to help out the Barack effort in PA. Much has been made, especially by the grand oil party, that it is close there. Kerry won Pennsylvania by winning Philly pretty much. I am of the feeling that we should treat every state as uncertain (at the very least). I'm staying in New Jersey. If you do want to travel to a swing state, Barack's site has ways to get you out there. Or if it's PA you're looking at, I have someone you can talk to.

That's all for now.


Friday, October 17, 2008

After the Final Debate.

Last week saw the final Presidential debate of the 2008 campaign (Barack's 29th since announcing his candidacy). The main feeling I was left with, especially after watching some split screen coverage, was how calm, cool, and confident Obama was, as opposed to the twitchy and angry john mccain. In his opening statement, mccain said the word "angry" four times. But in case you missed that, the split screen showed an eyes rolling, eye brow raising, tongue flicking, angry old man. The irony of john's talk on negative campaining, and being proud of his followers even when confrionted with the shouts of "terrorist" "kill 'im" and his Vice's "palling around with terrorists" didn't surprise me, or fool anyone. On abortion, he continued, as his vice did when talking about her teen age pregnant daughter, to use the word "decision". DECISION?!??! Isn't that exactly what you want to deny people the ability to do, decide for themselves what's best. Interesting side note, there was a hard hitting/to watch ad that aired right after the debate with a rape victim saying she didn't want to be forced by the government, or sarah palin, to have the child. As for Obama going against his party's leadership, look no further than His Campaign for the President of the United States of America, which went against almost all of the leadership (if you can remember back to the early part of the primaries), and took out the biggest last name in the Democratic party since Kennedy. Just think back when the Democratic leadership was falling in line behind Hillary. Then there was Joe (who's real name is Sam) the plumber (who isn't a licensed plumber) who's afraid of Obama's tax plan, even though he has admitted Barack plan would cut his taxes, not to mention his neglecting to pay them anyway. It certainly smells like the last attempt of a man with seven houses, thirteen cars, and $5,000 make up girl to relate to the "working man". Oh and here's a quick video to answer the burning question if "say and do anything to win/losing more integrity everyday" mccain is for or against the failure in chief (a "man" who john mccain has voted with him 90% of the time).

Barack Obama won this debate on style and on substance. He absorbed attacks with an unforced, comfortable smile and answered them with reasoned responses. His holding back from attacking his opponent and the republican vice presidential candidate only served to further distinguish himself from the other guy at the table (not Bob Schiffer, who I thought did great). He answered questions on Ayers (Here's a great Wall Street Journal Op Ed on that subject) who is now a professor and board member invited by a close ally of reagan and ACORN, "voter Registration fraud" complaints against which, GOP Gov. Christ says are overblown. In a related story, The Supreme Court has ruled against the GOP in their Ohio "voter fraud" claim. I know I am biased, almost as biased as they come on this, but which of these two candidates is Our best Hope of Change in Our Country's direction and the way it is governed? The candidate who has been there for 26 years, the last eight of which becoming a different man and a follower of those he once raled against or Barack Obama, who took on his party, with a campaign he has led, with a steady hand and message, over the last two years, taking it to places that were not too long ago deemed impossible. We decide.

I, like most of you I'm sure, can't wait for this campaign to be over. My nerves are really pretty shot at this point. More importantly, though, news outside the campaign has taken a back seat. From the roller coaster on wall street, falling and flailing non-stock market economic indices (unemployment, retail sales, productivity), stories of Our government spying on conversations of US citizens that have absolutely nothing to do with "terrorism" and the military passing around the juicy parts, bush's memo allowing waterboarding, Iraq and the US coming closer to agreeing on a withdrawal timetable, oil prices dropping to half of what they were in July and gas prices not, and then there's the legacy of a president whose arrival was greeted with a record economic surplus, after eight years of peace and prosperity, only to leave Us with the "greatest economic downturn since the Great Depression", two unfinished foreign wars, a war without end on a noun, making the US Constitution irrelevent when it comes to the privacy of US Citizens and the separation of church and state, a severely diminished status among the World's nations when it comes to human rights, the environment, science and international law and an increase in the power of the executive branch (yes dick that includes Vice President) to a point above the law while lowering the bar on the intelligence and consensus building it takes to be its chief.

I leave you with Letterman asking johnny about his relationship with convicted felon g.gordon liddy, the Washington Post's well put endorsement of Barack Obama for President, and the Beastie Boys' Rock the Vote for Obama in Swing States tour dates (Tenacious D will be there with them for a couple).

Friday, October 10, 2008

7 Inconsistencies in logic (AKA hypocrisies and flip flops)

My buddy, Karl, has a thing on his website called "TG7", where people submit lists of 7 on a wide variety of subjects. I try to refrain from getting too political on there I figure if people wanted to hear my political rants they'd read the blog. So I thought I'd put it up here instead.

7 Inconsistencies in logic (AKA hypocrisies and flip flops) from the mccain ticket:

1. Using the word "liberal" as a negative against Senator Obama and then crowing about "working with the other side" by teaming up with the Senate's two Biggest Liberals (Ted Kennedy and Russ Feingold).

2. He says he will buy people's homes, or lower the value or the principle on their loans (whatever his most recent undetailed attempt at an economic policy is), then with his next breath says he will freeze spending. (Full disclosure... I was calling for a bailout for those whose homes were about to foreclosed on from the beginning, but I think it's too late and is nothing more than a political ploy from john)

3. Trumpeting his failed attempts at "fighting to stop climate change" and then repeating the call for more drilling.

4. "Say it ain't so" sara. "There you go pointing backwards again" (40 years backwards) "doggone it" I thought you were "gonna look ahead and tell Americans what you have to plan to do for them in the future".

5. Freaking out about a Weathermen member (circa the 60's) turned "distinguished professor" and school reformist (charges against whom were dropped by the government decades ago) because Obama was on a board with him, that was founded by a reagan conservative, and had a "coffee" fundraiser at his house 40 years after his "crimes". All this after johnny voted to protect domestic terrorists that bombed Health Clinics.

6. Taking the LOW road after over a year of saying his campaign wouldn't.

7. Being Against the "bush tax cuts", water boarding, the "religious right", rovian politics, and offshore drilling before being for them.

I'll leave you with Rolling Stone's "Make-Believe Maverick" (It's long but it's good) and the recent column from conservative columnist and son of william f. buckley (wow that sounded like a horror movie) Christopher titled "Sorry, Dad, I'm Voting for Obama"

More on the "Who is Obama?" argument, the inciting of violence toward a US official who could be the next President of the United States, and a reminder that there is a Major Economic crisis going on later.

Friday, October 03, 2008

There's just too much news. (A Pre Veep Debate post)

There's been Too much news to type about lately. The economic bail out bill failed in the US House of Representatives, despite the afternoon long suspension of one of the presidential campaigns. It was then amended and passed in the Senate. Now it goes back to the House. As it does, stocks dropped on awful employment news and the growing credit crisis. There have been a series of bombings in Baghdad. A US General in Afghanistan is practically begging for more troops. And we are a month away from the election of the 44th President of the United States of America.

Tonight, after the republican choice for Vice President gets her cram session on current world events (and Joe Biden's record) and Senator Obama's choice gets his sensitivity training, the Vice presidential debate will take place. The spin has been something to behold. There's palin's skill at giving real good non-answers. How tonight's format could work in her favor. Stories of the moderator favoring Obama (and a future moderator acting as the link between NBC and the mccain camp). How a focus on foreign policy, like say the 2004 vice presidential debate, would be "gotcha" politics. I guess we'll have to see. I'm cautiously optimistic. Biden could come across as a mccain-esque angry old man. And she could come off like the lead character in the movie "Bob Roberts". Either way, I am expecting a bit of a dog fight.

Barack Obama has been moving up steadily in the polls, since about a week after the republican convention. Most polls now find him ahead in the ever important swing states of Ohio and Florida. President Clinton's recent visit may have helped with the latter. He is also leading in Colorado, New Mexico, Iowa, Virginia, Nevada, and North Carolina. The failure-in-chief won all of these states in 2004. Some of these states are Way too Close, but others aren't (Iowa by 9+).

Anything can happen from now until November 4th, including the thinking that Obama is so ahead we can lay back a little. The Obama Campaign certainly doesn't want that. It is bringing the internet and grassroots together. Supporters are becoming volunteers in phone banks and street canvassing in states like Pennsylvania. There are text connections, web services making it easy to find out what you can do to volunteer, to donate, and to find out about events in your area. And now the Obama '08 iPhone application makes any downloader an Obama expert. We've come a long way from the pamphlets of the Revolution. I wonder if mccain understands it all.

Most important right now is that you and everyone you know are registered to vote. Deadlines are coming up. New Jersey's is October 14th. You can check at (an Obama sanctioned site, I'm sure there are others) to make sure you're registered. It's important that the people's voice is heard . Especially at a time when it seems so obvious that the apathy allowing only the voices of Our "leaders" to be heard has failed Us so.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

A Blatant Political Ploy.

It wasn't even a year ago today that john mccain said he wasn't an "expert on wall street". On the day Lehman Brothers fell and the DOW dropped 500, mccain claimed "the fundamentals of our economy are strong". Now... He, senator john mccain, Has to be in Washington to fix the economic crisis, an investment banking crisis his votes for deregulation helped to bring to fruition. Maybe he wanted his first vote in the Senate since April to be surrounded by hoopla. He had to be there so fast, so immediately, that he cancelled a Letterman taping to be done a few hours after his announcement. He was in New York City being interviewed by Katie Couric at the time of the taping. Here's a great clip of Dave crushing john's sudden cancellation. Thank heavens he could make time in the morning to meet with the notorious turn coat clinton backer who now supports the man who'll take away her right to choose and doesn't support equal work for equal pay.

Yes john mccain was whisked away. I can picture him now illuminating all the people who have been working on this crisis. Experts on all things Economic and financial hanging on his every word. Finally their oracle has arrived.

The republican candidate's Top Economic Advisor, who recently claimed that We were a "Nation of Whiners" in a "Mental Recession", phil graham, co-sponsored the legislation that, coupled with greed on wall street, has lead to this crisis, and he is going to go in there and fix it? We could talk about the touchy subject (no, not the investigation into sarah palin's abuse of power as governor) of john's Campaign Manager lobbying for the deregulation of freddie mac and fannie mae, and getting millions of dollars for it.

On the question of should there be a Presidential Debate on Friday, The President of the United States has to be able to handle multiple, not to mention HUGE, tasks and crises. Given the current state of affairs, both foreign and domestic, it is guaranteed the next president will have to, and with modern day airborne transportation, a flight from Washington, D.C. to Mississippi isn't all that long. I'm pretty sure both campaigns have access to a plane. If it was necessary for them to be in Washington (they are both there today) they could be there and hop on a plane to Mississippi for the debates. Why not tell the American people what you want to do for the economy? The topic for Friday's debate "is" foreign policy, but that could be changed to the economy, at least partially. I'd like to hear the candidates' proposals for reversing the downward spiral Our economy has been in over the past year or so.

Maybe the no pull president wanted a quiet cheerleader in there in return for giving so many of his political staff to the mccain campaign? Or is there another reason john has to be in DC? Could the campaign not be going so well? Did, to quote Maureen Dowd, palin's "speed-dated diplomacy" photo op at the UN not work as well as hoped? Is it just a "time out" so that the campaign can try and grab some footing on the sliding polls? Does mccain need time for his team to finally come up with a coherent and consistent stance on US economic policy? Personally, I think it's just a blatant political ploy for him to attach a tag line to. But wait, the mccain campaign wants to postpone the first presidential debate to the day of the vice presidential debate next week, which would be rescheduled for a yet to be determined date. And by the sound of her appearance with Katie Couric, sarah palin may still need more "learning on the job".

It's important that We remember what caused this crisis as the failure in chief prepares to lay blame on Congress for not immediately rubber stamping his no oversight, no questions asked blank check of $700 BILLION dollar buy, I mean, bailout. It was the deregulation and unbridled greed of investment banks who's unrealistic schemes and deals put unrealistic value on unrealistic loans and mortgages. I keep asking myself if the government spent ONE TRILLION DOLLARS of tax payer money to help out those taxpayers who were about to default on their home loans and mortgages or even made it possible for the banks to lower the payments, would we be in the mess we're in. I know, that would be for low income, which means we'd hear the word "socialism" a lot more than we do for the bailout of billion dollar corporations, but "I'm not an expert on some of this stuff" either, john. He sure does have a way with words.

More on what the hell is going on with Our economy and the complete and utter policy failure, domestic, foreign, and economic of the 43rd president of the united states later.

Oh wait, they may agree on the bailout today or early tomorrow. I guess it's a good thing they have cancelled the debate yet.

The tentative agreement forged by Congressional leaders and the administration was all but blown up at the White House meeting, that johnny and george called for, by House republicans. It's actually being reported that Secretary Paulson took a knee and pleaded "please don't blow this up." Oh and Washington Mutual became the largest US bank to collapse.

From Yahoo: "At one point, several minutes into the session, Obama said it was time to hear from McCain. According to a Republican who was there, "all he said was, 'I support the principles that House Republicans are fighting for.'"

From Politico: "And the whole sequence of events confirmed Treasury’s fears about the decision by Bush, at the urging of McCain, to allow presidential politics into what were already difficult negotiations"

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Barack Obama for President!

I know I should be typing about US taxpayers bailing out Huge companies and Our "free market" economy to the tune of perhaps $1,000,000,000,000 (one trillion dollars), how the DOW dropped back to where it was when the failure first stepped into Our Oval Office before recently bouncing back, how the biggest banks in the United States are in a cannibalistic/save our ass feeding frenzy (with China making offers for 49% of Morgan Stanley), how socialism is ok if it's the rich that need the help, and how johnny's economic "guru" helped architect the economic policies that lead Us here. I could be typing about the quick (same day) Federal response to Hurricane Ike as opposed to the dismal response to Hurricane Katrina. I really should be typing about the failure in chief "secretly" agreeing with Barack that the US should be able to go after people, like osama bin laden, in Pakistan without the Pakistani government's approval, as well as Pakistan's response to that idea. The latter bringing to mind the question, what person on either ticket knows more about Pakistan than Vice Presidential Candidate Joe Biden?

But instead, I'd like to take this time to talk about... you guessed it, the 2008 Presidential Campaign. In the face of "eRumors" (I didn't coin it.) being spread by supporters of the real flip flop john/sarah i like to kill animals from helicopters and leave them to die an agonizing death palin ticket (Lies about Obama on taxes, and the ever pressing issue of when Obama salutes the flag, along with other LIES! ) my faith in Barack Obama for President has actually been on the rise. It's not so much the trends in the polls or that the pander for vice president's surge in the old man's support has disappearred from them. My reassurance has come directly from the candidate and his supporters. Obama's new ad concerning the economy was both empathetic and outlined a Real Plan. His appearances on David Letterman, Keith Obermann, and bill o'lielly (!!!) were all great. And his telling supporters in Nevada: "I need you to go out and talk to your friends and talk to your neighbors. I want you to talk to them whether they are independent or whether they are Republican. I want you to argue with them and get in their face," he said. "And if they tell you that, 'Well, we're not sure where he stands on guns.' I want you to say, 'He believes in the Second Amendment.' If they tell you, 'Well, he's going to raise your taxes,' you say, 'No, he's not, he's going lower them.' You are my ambassadors. You guys are the ones who can make the case." is just the stuff his campaign needs. We can't be afraid to fight. We can't sit back as they repeat lies over and over again. Some might even call it "bottom up politics". And yeah, celebrity look a like, Tina Fey, did pretty good, too!

I've even started receiving Pro-Obama email chains and pictures of anti-pander protests in Alaska. Unlike the anti-obama chains, these aren't filled with lies, but they are pretty damn tough for registered Democrats. What's really encouraging is that they are coming from people that don't normally, if ever, send me anything political. And now we're seeing more sober eyed republicans really taking a look at their ticket. Just look at i won't release my health records to the public johnny's economic advisor, and one time possible vice presidential pick, Carly Fiorina, his fellow republican Senator Chuck Hagel and rover's views on pander's experience.

People are starting to ask "What's up with mccain?" It's not unusual for him to have a "senior moment", but they're coming more and more often. He was against the Fed's bailout of America's largest insurance company, AIG, the Day before he was for it. His bizarre remarks on Spain are another blow to his "foreign policy credentials". Lord knows he doesn't have any more cred when it comes to lobbyists. His recent reactionary, if not vindictive, idea that if he were president he would fire the head of the SEC for the recent financial crisis, was met with the fact that the President does not have the power to fire the head of the SEC. What's happened to Our Country's economy over the past weeks, months and years is not the fault of any one man, but there is this old saying that once adorned the Oval Office about a buck.

These are serious times. This is not a reality show, horse race, or school yard insult contest between candidates. We need Wisdom to try and solve these problems. We need Leadership at Home and Abroad. We need Real New Ideas from the best and widest selection of sources possible . The only possibility of a change from the the policies, campaign tactics, incompetence, pettiness, and utter failure of the administration of the 43rd president is if We Elect Barack Obama as the 44th President of the United States of America.

Barack's Latest Ad Addressing the Economy

Barack Obama addresses the recent Economic crisis which has the US taxpayers bailing out Huge companies with Billion$ of Our Tax Dollars

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

You can put lipstick on a pig, but it's still a pig.

Johnny third term of bush using the old lipstick pig line on Hillary's Health Care plan

The outrage from the formerly anti-pc, "uppity" republicans over Obama's use of the old cliche is the latest distraction from the mcsame/pander ticket meant to keep people from talking about how they want to extend the bush policies (like he made any up himself) on the economy and the war and everything else that has put Our Country in the direction we've been in for the past six years. I say 6, because I'll give bushco. a year after the tragedy of September 11th.

Here's johnny the same using the lipstick on a pig cliche when describing Hillary Clinton's health care plan.

Here's angry old dick cheney using it against Presidential Candidate John Kerry.

They do not have a copyright, or to dumb it down dibs, on the word "lipstick". If you watch the actual clip of Obama, he's not refering to candidate pander he's refering to the "for straight talk before he was against" candidate. But it is true that pander fed at the federal "trough" during her stint as both mayor and governor. $27 million for a town of 9,000??? You can put lipstick on pork...

Spread the Word!

Thursday, September 04, 2008

Senator Barack Obama and the gop's pick for vice president.

More than Eighty Four Thousand people attended the last night of the Democratic National Convention to hear the Democratic Candidate speak. More Americans watched the speech than watched the opening night of the Olympics, the Oscars, or the american idol finale. Presidential Candidate Barack Obama's speech was strong, well written and forward looking. It informed Us of what the Change he keeps talking about means. It defended him against attacks about his "elitism" and "celebrity", and more importantly defended Democrats and the Democratic Party. It had more "attacks" than some had hoped, but those attacks were directed at the policy, direction, and lack of connection with the American people that the former straight talker and the administration he has supported 90% of the time have provided Us with for the past 7+ years. And I have to admit it sure was nice to see a Democrat with teeth, who stood up for himself and actually went on the offense.

It's not surprising that the speakers at the under-attended republican convention mock Barack Obama "the community organizer" instead of offering a plan to move America forward. It's not surprising that they leave out Barack's being a constitutional scholar at Harvard, or the fact that while the gop's vice presidential choice was on the town council and in the mayor's office of a small town in Alaska, Barack Obama was an Illinois State Senator and then a United States Senator.

When it comes to "experience governing", the right wing's VP candidate is under investigation for abuse of power after less than two years as governor of Alaska. And I'm sorry, maybe I know too many mayors and city council people, but thinking that is experience enough to be a heartbeat away from the Presidency of the United States is ludicrous. The Democratic candidate for President, that 18 million people voted for, has been campaigning for president as long as the red veep candidate has been governor of the least densely populated State in the Union. And it's been one heckuva campaign.

Barack Obama has commanded and controlled his campaign, it's message, and more recently the DNC, to a place unthinkable at it's start. A recent poll finds an African-American candidate for President named Barack Hussein Obama has the support of 50% of those registered voters polled. I'm sorry, but that is Astonishing! With stories of the bewildered and angry one wanting to pick LIEberman or colored coded tom ridge as his vice only to appoint someone for vice president he met once, makes me wonder who's in control of his campaign. If he can't command his own campaign, how can he command Our forces. And before you hit me with the he, like 600+ other American soldiers, was a POW in Vietnam, why not read what a man who was a POW with johnny third term has to say.

This was going to be (even more) of a hit piece on the red Vice Presidential candidate, whose selection peggy noonan (former raygun speech writer and WSJ columnist) described as part of a "politcal bullshit narrative". A blog about how a former Alaskan secessionist now preaches about American patriotism. It was going to be a piece questioning whether it matters that a governor, who cut $1.1 million dollars from a program because it contained sex education instead of the abstinence only programs that she pushes on taxpayers, is the mother of a pregnant teenager. Or whether it's fair to make Our Nation's teenage pregnancies Our Government's business, while saying a government official's teenage pregnancy is none of Our Nation's business. It was going to be a shot at her SUPPORTING the "bridge to nowhere" and then telling press she didn't, not to mention the millions more in "pork" she called on Congress to provide. A rant about her support of disgraced senator ted stevens and his of her. A pontification on whether it mattered that the vice presidential candidate hasn't "focused much on the war in Iraq" nor has she any foreign policy experience aside from the fact that "Alaska is right next to Russia" (to quote the old guy) . And though it surely isn't my place, I thought I'd ask whether a mother of five should be there for her "special needs" four month old child.

The nomination of sarah palin is, quite simply, political pandering. To tell you the truth, it reminds me a lot of harriet miers, brownie, and others like them. People who have been appointed and hired by bushco. with No Experience, solely because they agree on "hot button" political issues that have nothing to do with the job they are assigned.

But after United States Senator Barack Obama denounced mentions of the candidate's families (Maybe he didn't think she was going to "mock" him throughout her whole bushco. written speech) , I realized that this election isn't about what the gop's vp selection looks or acts like as much as it's about the same things it was a week ago. This election is about US economic policy, getting out of the gop's illegal war in Iraq, a real comprehensive energy policy and Health Care for every American. The republican counterpart to johnny flip into the fold is just more support of the same policies that have sent Our economy into recession, sent foreclosures soaring, ruined Our good standing around the world, and turned the biggest surplus in history to the biggest deficit. The same policies that rushed into and waged a $500,000,000,000.00+ unnecessary war in Iraq, that has cost almost 5,000 Americans and the lives of far more innocent Iraqis than the previous evil dictator ever did. We Need a Change. A Change We Can Believe In. And Hopefully a Change we will see and feel when Barack Obama is elected President of the United States.

To those of you who are "really nervous" about the possibility of Barack Obama not winning this election, all I can say is Do Something to help get him elected. It doesn't have to be volunteering in a swing state for five weeks. You can Donate money, or write letters to your local newspaper and/or local papers in swing states. You can talk about it with friends and family from all political sides. You can buy a shirt and wear it. You can shout about it out of your Obama placarded window, from the mountain top or in the street. You can Register people to Vote, and help get them out on November forth. There are lots of ways to help, if you are so inclined. Elections are the only time the American People's voice can be heard, and this time around it is really important that it is.

Friday, August 29, 2008

Barack Obama's Acceptance Speech!

In case you missed it, here is the speech Barack Obama gave to over 80,000 people (I would guess the most ever to attend a political convention) last night. More on this, My Candidate and his opponent later, but I'm sure you already knew that.

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Hey, Ho, Let's Go! (the Democratic Pep Rally)

A friend of mine texted me recently, simply stating "This is the Best Pep Rally Ever". Michelle Obama and the Kids showed the Party and whoever else was watching that African American people and families are like, and have the same "values", as everybody else. The Obama kids are cute as a button and Mrs. Obama is not, as vanity fair joked, Angela Davis II. Senator Ted Kennedy left his hospital bed to tell us that it's time for hope. It's time for a new generation to take over. Then there was my favorite first day highlight. Rep. Dennis Kucinich was the first speech I saw that really hit the utter failures that have been in charge since 2001, Old School Populist Style!

And then... Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton spoke. As anyone who reads my little rants knows, I have been no fan of the former candidate for the nomination, but this week she did what needed to be done. She fully thanked her supporters, talked of her historic (and it was) campaign, implored her supporters to join her in getting Barack Obama elected as President of the United States of America, and gave a solid "No way, No how, No mccain!" repudiation of mccain/bush policy. She challenged her supporters. "I want you to ask yourselves: Were you in this campaign just for me?... Were you in it for all the people in this country who feel invisible?" Well said Senator!

The next day brought out more Big Guns. First there was Senator, and Vietnam Veteran (that seems to be So important these days), John Kerry. Senator Kerry called the befuddled and angry one on the differences between senator mccain and candidate mccain. He argued that it was Obama's "judgement and character" that we could trust to "Keep America Safe", not johnny POW who has been wrong "again and again and again". The Democratic Party's Vice Presidential Candidate Joe Biden spoke about the American Dream. Senator Biden slammed "his friend" mccain's record and policy on taxes, energy, and foreign policy, sharing instances of when "john mccain was wrong. Barack Obama was right". But the biggest dog at the convention so far... the man that I've gone from defending, to being disgustingly disappointed in, to now remembering how it feels to have an intelligent, articulate, and charismatic Commander-in-Chief, President William Jefferson Clinton spoke on Wednesday night. And Damn was he good. His was the best case for Barack Obama as President of the United States that I have heard yet. Even conservative republican/obama supporter Andrew Sullivan liked it.

Tonight the Official Democratic Party Candidate for President of the United States, Senator Barack Obama will speak, after being introduced by Al Gore, to 75,000 people at Mile High Stadium. Reports say the speech will not be about economic issues and not a lot of "high rhetoric". Here's to Hoping Barack doesn't keep the rhetoric too low.

Here are some of my favorite quotes from the DNC, though I suggest you check out the speeches for yourself:

He has a remarkable ability to inspire people, to raise our hopes and rally us to high purpose. He has the intelligence and curiosity every successful President needs. His policies on the economy, taxes, health care and energy are far superior to the Republican alternatives. He has shown a clear grasp of our foreign policy and national security challenges, and a firm commitment to repair our badly strained military. His family heritage and life experiences have given him a unique capacity to lead our increasingly diverse nation and to restore our leadership in an ever more interdependent world. The long, hard primary tested and strengthened him. And in his first presidential decision, the selection of a running mate, he hit it out o
f the park.

President Bill Clinton

Most important, Barack Obama knows that America cannot be strong abroad unless we are strong at home. People the world over have always been more impressed by the power of our example than by the example of our power.
President Bill Clinton

"There is a new wave of change all around us, and if we set our compass true, we will reach our destination -- not merely victory for our party, but renewal for our nation."
Senator Edward Kennedy

And one day, they - and your sons and daughters - will tell their own children about what we did together in this election. They'll tell them how this time, we listened to our hopes, instead of our fears. How this time, we decided to stop doubting and to start dreaming.
Michelle Obama

We need leaders once again who can tap into that special blend of American confidence and optimism that has enabled generations before us to meet our toughest challenges. Leaders who can help us show ourselves and the world that with our ingenuity, creativity, and innovative spirit, there are no limits to what is possible in America.
Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton

"Wake up, America. This is not a call for you to take a new direction from right to left. This is call for you to go from down to up. Up with the rights of workers. Up with wages. Up with fair trade. Up with creating millions of good paying jobs, rebuilding our bridges, ports and water systems. Up with creating millions of sustainable energy jobs to lower the cost of energy, lower carbon emissions and protect the environment."
Representative Dennis Kucinich (Really a Must Watch!)

"Candidate McCain now supports the wartime tax cuts that Senator McCain once denounced as immoral. Candidate McCain criticizes Senator McCain’s own climate change bill. Candidate McCain says he would now vote against the immigration bill that Senator McCain wrote. Are you kidding? Talk about being for it before you’re against it...Let me tell you, before he ever debates Barack Obama, John McCain should finish the debate with himself."
Senator John Kerry

Sometimes loving your country demands you must tell the truth to power. This is one of those times, and Barack Obama is telling those truths.
Senator John Kerry

Let me make this pledge to you right here and now. For every American who is trying to do the right thing, for all those people in government who are honoring their pledge to uphold the law and respect our Constitution, no longer will the eight most dreaded words in the English language be: "The vice president's office is on the phone."
Vice Presidential Candidate Joe

Again and again, on the most important national security issues of our time, John McCain was wrong, and Barack Obama was proven right.
Vice Presidential Candidate Joe Biden

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Vice Presidential Candidate Joe Biden!

It's 3 AM... and the phone is ringing. Who do you want to answer that phone?

Last night/early this morning my phone rang at 3:03 AM. I answered it. It was Barack Obama, telling me he had chosen Senator Joe Biden as Vice President to his President of the United States of America! I could not be happier! Joe Biden brings more than just his being Chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, his service on the Senate Judiciary Committee, and his incredible knowledge of the world and it's leaders. He is also an aggressive "straight talker". He is not afraid to fight. His occasional gaffes are more problems with politically correct language. He doesn't make mistakes when it comes to the facts, like the other old white guy who's been a Senator for decades.

Senator Joe Biden!