Saturday, May 28, 2005

McCain Boltin' Nukes

The 2008 primary of the reds started to heat up this week with Senator John McCain's neo-AuH2O (Bull Moose's term) power play over the Senate's red leader frist. 14 moderates, from both teams, united behind McCain in the name of sanity in the Senate. In doing so, Senators distanced themselves from the anti-filibuster circus the public neither likes, cares about, nor understands. A distance that might look good in the 2006 and/or 2008 elections. The Democrats, though lacking a leader outside of the elderly Senator Robert Byrd, seem to have found some unity, at least so far as john bolton is concerned. The recent decision to delay the vote on the UN Ambassador nominee, until the documents asked for are made available, is evidence of that.

More news that must have chaffed this president and his posse like a cheap pair of chaps, and it's starting to show.

In an attempt to brighten foreign policy headlines, the president sent the first lady to see if she could smile and praise her way through the Middle East. Maybe she would be met with the flowers and sweets we've all been waiting for. Nope. Unfortunately, she was "mobbed" by angry protesters. This is what we've become. Our image so tarnished, so infuriating that even our first lady is met with animosity. Not to worry though, we'll still have all of Our nuClear weapons to meet that animosity with, if the administration has anything to say about it. It's no surprise that the month long conference on the Non-Proliferation Treaty ended with little positive results. A lot of 'do as I say not as I do' policy going on there, with the US trying to keep the pressure on North Korea and Iran's nuClear prospects while avoiding it's own obligations when it comes to stockpiles of nuClear weapons and the Nuclear Test Ban Treaty that President Clinton signed in 1996, but president bush has refused to since taking office. The real nuclear option is a far scarier prospect than the Senate's version is.

“They were immoral, illegal, militarily unnecessary, very, very dangerous in terms of accidental or inadvertent use, and destructive of the non-proliferation regime”.
-Robert McNamara on the US and NATO policy on their nuclear weapons policies

Saturday, May 21, 2005


The story of the brutal deaths of two inmates in US custody in Afghanistan should help to quell the Newsweek feeding frenzy, much like Galloway's testimony should silence the reds' lust for the UN oil for food scandal. At this point, even the first lady admits "you can't blame it all on" the infamously flawed report. After all, the Red Cross had warned the Pentagon of the disrespect shown the Quran at Guantanamo Bay after gathering "credible" reports from as far back as 2002. The images of saddam in his underpants certainly aren't helping the "coalition's" image as it pertains to the Geneva Conventions, and the US military knows it. That's why the Pentagon has condemned the publishing of the images. Like it or not, he is a prisoner of war and should be treated the same way we would want our generals treated should they ever be put on trial for crimes against humanity.

At least here at home Our "leaders" are operating in good, rational, democratic fashion. In the debate to end free and unlimited speech in the Senate, Senator Rick Santorum has been comparing Democrats to hitler. No, he couldn't be. Didn't he come out strongly against Senator Byrd when he referenced nazi Germany? It's no wonder Senator Lautenberg is comparing red leaders to Supreme Chancellor Palpatine. It's just friggin' unbelievable! Maybe it's time we had a real protest. Screw your permits! Let's march on the White House lawn, the Pentagon, the steps of the Capitol, camp out and demand a government for the people. It worked to depose and replace the president of Ecuador, much to junior and the boys’ dismay. On the other hand, look at how our allies in Uzbekistan reacted to protestors, firing on the crowd and killing hundreds.

To be even handed, the president has become more tolerant of those of "questionable morals". He is having porn star Mary Carey and Kick Ass Pictures president Mark Kulkisover over for dinner. Unbelievable!

"So this is how liberty dies, with thunderous applause"
-Padmé from Star Wars Episode III (6)

Tuesday, May 17, 2005

It's all Newsweek's fault.

No really, it's that paragraph in Newsweek that made Afghanistan explode into the anti-US protests that claimed the lives of sixteen people. It wasn't Abu Ghraib. It wasn't the Downing Street Memo on fixing intelligence that lead to the invasion of Iraq. It wasn't the appointing of president Karzai, leaving all those outside of Kabul to govern themselves, not to mention fight Our battles (see bin Laden). It wasn't the hundreds kept in Guantanamo Bay for years without even being charged with a crime. It wasn't the other paragraphs in Newsweek that didn't use the word "flushed". It wasn't the "news" media's earlier reports alleging the same or similar desecrations.

No, this certainly isn't an attempt to stifle a news item a la the president's "service" record, by discrediting one of its messengers. This is not an attempt to pressure or force a news media outlet to write stories the administration likes without having to pay the journalist directly. And it certainly isn't a diversionary tactic to distract us from the fact that not only is Iraq getting more violent, but so is Afghanistan.

Ah sweet sarcasm...... eases the pain.

Sure some of the protesters in Afghanistan were waving copies of the Newsweek story. Maybe it was the straw that broke the camels back. Maybe it was used to further enrage and rally supporters of protests that were already beginning to occur. We got into this war, because of the use of forged documents, undocumented evidence, and minimally sourced Intel from the likes of Chalabi and Curveball. When will someone be held responsible for the damages this war has caused to their country and Ours?

QUESTION: Does it concern the President that the primary source for the intelligence on the mobile biological weapons labs was a guy that U.S. intelligence never every interviewed?

MCCLELLAN: Well, again, all these issues will be looked at as part of a broad review by the independent commission that the President appointed… But it’s important that we look at what we learn on the ground and compare that with what we believed prior to going into Iraq.
[White House Press Gaggle, 4/5/04]

QUESTION: He’s the president of the United States. This thing he told the country on the verge of taking the nation to war has turned out to be, by your own account, not reliable. That’s his fault, isn’t it?

[White House Press Briefing, 7/17/03]

Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Hey George, How's it going?

Over 400 liberated Iraqis have been killed in the past two weeks by an increasing number of car bombers, who are now targeting civilians as well as US and Iraqi police forces and recruits. That number does not include the casualties from the on-going US offensive along the Syrian border that recently brought about the demise of a squad of United States Marines. Even so the carnage seems to have barely interrupted the major networks "news" coverage of Michael Jackson's trial or the shop lifting charges of a "runaway bride's" past. You don't need go any further than ABC's The Note from May 12th to see that yes "the death and carnage is staggering" but "the biggest story every day in the world will get almost no coverage." Maybe the latest, paid for by the administration, "journalist" will put it in future articles while he trumpets the benefits of the Natural Resources Conservation Service programs on behalf of the Department of Agriculture. At least Halliburton and Ahmed Chalabi are profitting from the neo-con War on Iraq. Halliburton with a bonus, despite their over charging scandals, and Ahmed Chalabi by having the King Jordan pardon his $300,000,000.00 bank fraud.

Meanwhile, Afghanistan's deadly protests against the United States, though downplayed by president Karzai as a product of democracy, doesn't bode well for that other war we are still fighting across the Atlantic. All this while the president pats Putin on the back,just before going to Georgia to flip him the bird.

Then, with hatred towards America still on the rise, a plane gets within 3 miles of the White House. If that doesn't make you scratch your head, how about the fact that the panic (a code red that even Tom Ridge would have agreed with) that wisked the first lady and the vice president to undisclosed bunkers wasn't important enough to interrupt the president's bike ride. Protocol or not, a "Mr. President we have a situation" or a "don't worry, your wife is fine" seems to have been in order.

Of course this isn't what Our government is focusing on right now, there are more important things on their mind. For instance, there's a social security program that won't be in crisis until 2042. There's the changing of the Senate rules to end free and unlimited debate so the reds can get 10 judges through that the president has seen fit to send back for a second time. The Senate has approved 205 of 215 judges already. And lastly, of course, there's John Bolton. My problem with Mr. Bolton isn't so much his gruff nature with others as it is his stretching of intelligence and his distaste for diplomacy and the US State Department. Do the reds really believe that this chad counter from 2000 is the best candidate for the "scandal ridden" UN. Will he in any way help the world's view of the "scandal ridden" bush administration for that matter? I don't think I need Larry Flynt to answer that one.

Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Arianna Online

Arianna's new blog/news site is up and running. It's a somewhat strange mix of celebrities, talking heads, and political leaders. The site's "bloggers" range from Walter Kronkite to Bill Maher, Rob Reiner to Larry David, Jon Corzine to Jerry Brown. The only real problem I have with the "Huffington Post" is the inability of it's reader to comment on the blogs of the stars. It would serve as further evidence of Tom Friedman's "flattening" to be able to have a dialogue with the stars on politics, a subject which neither they nor I have much professional experience in. Here's what I had to say via her "scoop" space. "Is there a particular reason that I can't comment on the 'Blogs of the stars'? I just wanted to tell Larry David that it's Bolton's handling of intel on Syria that makes me nervous about his nomination. I wanted to tell Joe Scarborough that he should come down on the "axis of evil" president as hard as he does on the UN for Darfur, and Mr. Kronkite, I agree a forum is needed in which the Democratic Party can form the policy base from which campaigns could be launched.

The Huffington Post could be a high profile non-Drudge political/news site that could find it's way into more servers than say, Raw Story. It certainly has some real growing pains to go through before doing that though.