Thursday, June 15, 2006

A few quick questions

When did a one point increase in the polls become a "surge" and a 37% approval rating become good?

Did the president "surprise" Iraq with a visit to negotiate an amnesty deal for "insurgents" that kill US or non-Iraqis?

Why does the hate speak of the likes of A.C. (insert your own words/names) continue to be best selling?

If we didn't need an additional $66,000,000,000.00 for Iraq and Afghanistan would we still have had to cut Our Nation's Security funding in top targets like New York City?

I've been told by a friend whose son was stationed in Baghdad that a 500 lb. bomb would reduce 10 city blocks to rumble. So how did al qaeda's "leader" in Iraq come out of a building, that was hit by two of them, with bruises and a fatal "lung injury"?

Why wasn't the president told a White House reporter was blind before he made fun of his sunglasses?

Why doesn't anyone care about illegal voting machines and seriously questionable elections in the United States of America?

Why did it take president Gina Davis to make me realize that according to Our Constitution women are still not equal to men?

When will the US Congress stop with faux debates and campaign ad fodder votes and sit down to seriuosly discuss/debate the realities of the president's War in Iraq and what we should do from here? Enough with the "stay the course" and "cut and run" abstracts already.

Will the United States government eventually regret giving the new Iraqi "iron fist" "government" financial and weapon support like they do now their support for the former dictatorial regime?

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

At this critical moment in Our Nation's history?

Yesterday was the 25th anniversary of the first diagnosis of the global threat of AIDS, a disease that now affects 40.3 million adults and children and is spreading. Did the president take this moment in time to assemble the press and make a statement on one of his former "top priorities"? No. Yesterday 50 people were kidnapped at Iraq bus stations by gunmen dressed in police uniforms. Did our president take this time to make a statement on a war we are currently fighting, a war that he started? No. Yesterday the Dow Jones Industrial average dropped over 199 points on fears of a slowing economy and inflation. Did the president take this moment to reassure a nation about its economy? No. Yesterday oil prices once again rose to over $73 a barrel, on threats of Iran cutting its supply. Did the president, a former oil man with friends in high places in the oil industry both domestic and middle eastern, address the Nation's concerns with rising fuel costs or the ongoing negotiations with Iran? No.

Instead the president of the United States chose to take this "critical time in Our Nation's history" to preach to the religious right choir in the Old Executive Building (as opposed to the originally scheduled Rose Garden) on the "federal marriage amendment". No, this isn't an amendment aimed at ending divorce. This is an amendment defining marriage as being between a man and a woman, discriminating against people who want to pair off and spend the rest of their life together based on their gender. It is not just an amendment to a particular law, it is an amendment to OUR CONSTITUTION. To attach an amendment to the US Constitution first the Senate needs to approve it, and not by a simple majority (51 votes) but by a "super majority" (67 votes) which this amendment has no chance of doing.

So with every other serious issue facing the Nation, including being in a time of war in Afghanistan, Iraq, and against the noun terror, the president chose to hold one of his infrequent public addresses to support an amendment that has no chance of passing the US Senate, which means it won't be put to a vote for the two thirds majority it would need in the House of Representatives in order to be put to the people of the United States, who according to most polls are well divided and no where near the two thirds majority needed for ratification. One of the political reasons this distractor in chief is counting on is the continuing of his dividing of Our country. The other is the worst display of pandering I have ever seen, fully realizing the pandering of presidents like Clinton.

The question is will the republicans be fooled again? Will they be stupid enough to fall for these blatantly empty words again? If you know a republican, ask them if they are bamboozled by the president's latest politcal ploy to rally "his" people around this intolerant and impossible amendment to the greatest living document of democracy in the world. An amendment that takes away the choice of millions of Americans.

You know what I think? I think the government should change everything that has the word marriage in it to the words "civil union" and leave things like the "sacrament" and "sanctity" of marriage to churches, synagogues, temples, mosques, and other places of worship, not to mention the engaged individuals themselves. Or there's always letting the States handle it, as they do issues like the death penalty.

Saturday, June 03, 2006

war time, the liberated, and homeland security

The deck chairs on the Hindenburg continue to shuffle as the other snow resigns, and Henry Paulson, who might not be all bad, takes over as the Secretary of the Treasury. This latest shuffling still leaves the big toe over at the defense department intact, despite recent calls from American Muslims for him to "spend more time with his family". These latest calls are in direct response to what so far seems to be the killing of two dozen unarmed civilians, including women and children, in a town called Haditha. Haditha isn't the only reported incident that is sure to blacken Our already pot/kettle black image around the globe. More reports of illegal killings are being reported, even by our latest ally in the war on terror, Iraqi Prime Minister Nuri Kamal al-Maliki. The Prime Minister may have been the catalyst for the latest bush flip flop. This time on talks with Iran concerning their nuCLEar program. The Prime Minister had stated a week or so prior that he supports Iran's nuclear program. But hey, more power to the liberated, right? Look at Afghanistan. They're so liberated there that they are throwing Anti-American riots in the streets. The reported last straw that led to it was a vehicular accident. You think that animosity has been building?

Speaking of the liberated, the violence in Iraq continues. The town of Basra was recently declared a state of emergency. But where in Iraq isn't it a state of emergency? There still isn't electricity around the clock. The killing of soldiers, police, journalists, innocents continues every day. Even the campaigner-in-chief and his lapdog ally were forced to hold back on their troop draw down announcement at their co-dependent press conference. Instead lil' george finally apologized for making statements like "bring 'em on" and "wanted dead or alive" (he's still alive).

The bright side of all of this for the administration is that they can call "war time" forever, or until all terror is wiped from the planet, whichever comes first. They call it when telling internet companies they have to save surfing data on everyone for two years. They can call it when they raid the Capitol Hill offices of sitting members of Congress. It's a wonder they didn't raid the red offices of delay (who thinks colbert is for real), ney, frist, hastert, cunningham, lewis, and the rest of the republican culture of corruption. Politics in play?? You think?? There's a democrat in the mix now, so they can try to say it's both sides of the isle. It's like 15 reds to 1 Democrat, but whose counting. They call "war time" when they illegally wiretap the phones of US citizens or collect our phone records. The architect of "domestic surveillanece" is now the Director of the CIA as part of the bush "part of a scandal/failure" promotion program.

At least we can feel safe knowing that the top terrorist targets are getting the "homeland security' money they need. Oh wait they cut New York by 40%, partly because NYC has no "national monuments or icons". Who knows the reasoning behind the cuts to Washington D.C. Me, I'm moving to Omaha. The increase in funding they're getting will keep me safe.

And what does the worst president since World War II focus on? An intolerant amendment to the US Constitution, of course. Do the world a favor Mr. President.... Step Down!