Friday, March 30, 2007

Reds, Democrats, and Treasonable Doubt.

The reds are running around searching through a possible presidential field whose current front runners do not agree with the "traditional family values" they've been brain washed into thinking are the most important things when it comes to electing a president. Mccain's both sides of his mouth "straight talk express" whining about not raising enough money (imagine if he had to go by the rules he once espoused), legal gay marriage candidate mitt romney flip floppin' like a Massachusetts cod, and rudy well you pick the "controversy". My favorite is rudy in drag, but perhaps his most stinging criticisms focus on his relationship with bernie kerik and what NYC firefighters and families are saying about mini-napolean on September 11th. It's so bad that the man we may want to watch out for is the would be red actor-in-chief. Haven't we seen that one before? And here I thought Hollywood was liberal. Funny thing is while the reds are in disarray, the Democratic candidates are having substantial debate and discussion. The first sign of which came in the form of a three hour Democratic candidates' forum on Health Care.

And speaking of Democrats doing the People's business, the House and Senate have both passed an Iraq war funding bill that establishes the goal of troop withdrawal from Iraq by Fall of 2008. Of course the little president is set to veto the funding bill for the troops, mainly because he doesn't want to say we are ever leaving Iraq. But that's not all the Democratic majority of the 110th Congress has been doing (and it's only three months old). They have moved forward on a bill to improve veteran's care in the wake of the dereliction of duty that is the Walter Reed scandal. They are holding real hearings on the FBI breaking the law (even the patriot act) by spying on Americans. The Democraticly lead 110th Congress is holding real hearings on the political firings of U.S. attorneys and may be forced by the little president to subpoena rove and miers, who have agreed to only meet if they are not under oath, there's no transcript, and the chats are not public.

Revenge executions perpetrated by Iraqi police with Shiite militias and multiple bombings continue to mark what Saudi Arabian King, and former bush supporter King Abdullah calls the "illegitimate foreign occupation" of Iraq. Listen to the generals. They are bombing the green zone?!?!? And friggin' mccain is saying there are neighborhoods in Baghdad that Americans can walk freely and unarmed in. Now 15 British soldiers are being held by Iran (at least they're not at abu ghraib or gitmo). Iran says they were in Iranian waters. The British say they weren't, and why shouldn't we trust the British? (insert quip about bush's 16 words here).

The ever increasing number of scandals is beginning to flood this president and his henchmen, like the sewage pouring over Gaza. And with spin meister tony snow now on leave for health reasons, and texas lawyer buddy gonzales running from questions and the ax, it must be hard for the worst president in history to avoid all this talk of "treasonable doubt".

Thursday, March 29, 2007

A Quick Funny

No, it's not the video of "turd blossom" rove rapping. You'll have to search that yourself. I'm not linking to friggin' happy time karl. I did find it funny that former red congressman and political witch/oral sex hunter bob barr is now lobbying to legalize the weed.

But I digress. What I wanted to send was the link to the latest video from the folks at JibJab. You might remember their "This Land is Your Land" with bush and Kerry. It's called "What We Call the News". Enjoy!

Saturday, March 24, 2007

Subpoenas and Testimony

Both the United States Senate and the House of Representatives have had committees approve subpoenas for, among others "turd blossom" karl and bush's Supreme Court nominee harriet miers. The last time such high ranking people at the White House were subpoenaed it was when hypocrite newt and the boys issuing them on the urgent National Security issue and threat to Our way of government that was "Did the President receive oral sex?" The scandal of firing U.S. Attorneys on a purely and specifically political basis is different than the "partisan witch hunt" that was the "white water"/monica lewinsky investigation, and not in the way flip-floppers like bush mouthpiece tony snow might explain. This latest bush administration scandal cuts at Our three co-equal branches of government. Many presidents have fired U.S. Attorneys at the start of their tenure. The bush's department of justice fired these federal prosecutors because they either strongly investigated republican officials or didn't move fast enough on their investigations of Democrats to have a negative impact on election day. Once a U.S. Attorney is hired, he/she can not do their job effectively if he/she fears termination for not following the party in power's talking points and/or agenda. Sometimes I ask myself, am I really talking about America here. The "party in power"'s politics controlling the system of justice? Geebus!

I'm with Colbert. "Buckle on your Balls" and Impeach this President. For the rush to a war of choice in Iraq (willfully leading Us into a war on false statements, documents and pretenses), Katrina (a dereliction of duty), Valerie Plame (outing a covert CIA operative working on Iran's nuclear program), Abrahmoff (former deputy secretary stephen griles is pleading guilty in that one), the Walter Reed scandal (again dereliction), illegally spying on Americans (even by today's standards), and now the "prosecutor purge". I long for the days when the President just broke into the opposing party's offices or had sexual relations with a woman other than his wife.

Speaking of Presidents, Al Gore spoke in front of a Congressional committee on Global Warming or as the reds like to say it "global climate change". Man, were we weak allowing bush to take office after Gore won the popular vote (and maybe the electoral with Florida) in 2000. Asleep at the wheel. Anyway, the former Vice President did well in front of a not always so friendly audience. At times using analogy instead of his usual meteorology professor jargon to make his point. I'll just leave you with some facts.

Of the 21 hottest years ever measured, 20 have occurred within the last 25 years. 2005 and 1998 tie as hottest.

The 1990s was the warmest decade on record.

232 million Number of registered vehicles in the U.S. That's almost one per person!

600 gallons Average amount of gasoline consumed by one U.S. car each year.

12,000 pounds Amount of carbon dioxide emitted from one U.S. car each year.

240 Number of trees needed to absorb the 12,000 pounds of carbon dioxide emitted from one U.S. car each year.

2.7 trillion Number of miles U.S. cars and light trucks traveled in 2004. That's the equivalent of taking 10 million trips to the moon.
5% Percent U.S. population is of the world population.
30% Percent of world's automobiles in the United States.
45% Percent that the United States contributes to the world's automotive carbon dioxide emissions.

4 Number of car companies that support a national cap on global warming emissions. They are Ford, General Motors, DaimlerChrysler and Toyota.

Friday, March 23, 2007

Saturday, March 17, 2007

Plame and the "purge"

March 17th is the day we celebrate Saint Patrick's ridding Ireland of the Pagans and/or snakes. This year the date also brings with it the Fourth Anniversary of bush's announcement of Our "imminent" Invasion of Iraq. Funny coincidence, right? Do you think bush knew about the religious significance of that day? Maybe the March on the Pentagon will help rid Our White House of snakes. If that doesn't work, maybe the House's hearings on the political purge of eight Federal prosecutors by the "Justice" department, or the hearings on the divulging of classified National Security information to the press, will. You may remember lil' bush's remarks on 9/29/03 about the latter. "If anyone in this administration was involved in it, they would no longer be in this administration." We now know that statement was (depending on your party affiliation) a lie, a flip to his recent flop, or, for the real wingnuts, a forgettable statement or at best a "he didn't know". The Libby trial illustrated both dick and rover's involvement. We'll have to see who the United States Congress subpoena for their hearings. Valerie Plame was there today.

The bush team of Texas two steppers are knee deep in the prosecutor purge scandal, as well. It turns out Rove and former Supreme Court unqualified nominee Harriet Myers were both involved, if not instrumental, in the politically motivated firings by (next to go) Attorney General alberto gonzales. Before you tell me President Clinton did the same thing, here's one little difference. The newly elected to his first term President Clinton dismissed federal prosecutors, as other Presidents have, at the start of his tenure to essentially clear the slate and make his own appointments. In the middle of bush's second term, gonzales fired eight Federal prosecutors for not being loyal to "the party" (see the Miers' "strike out" list) or for not succumbing to politically driven pressure from Reps. domenici and wilson, who should both be removed for abuse of power. As for the Attorney General, I think Senator Chuck Shumer said it best when he said "
he either doesn't accept or doesn't understand that he is no longer just the president's lawyer, but has a higher obligation to the rule of law and the Constitution even when the president should not want it to be so,"

So as they try to distract us with the five week old, exaggerated, testimony of
Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, who was captured in 2003 and has been "intensively interrogated" ever since. As they add to the little prince's slap in the face "surge". As they continue to ignore the American public, I stand (unfortunately, only in spirit) with those in the streets of D.C.

What do We Want?!?!
When do We Want It??!?!

What do We Want?!?!
When do We Want It??!?!

What do We Want?!?!
When do We Want It??!?!

Friday, March 09, 2007

A Dear Dick letter

Dear Dick,

First, Sir, I would like to say that I am very sorry to hear that you have a blood clot in your leg. I know you have had serious circulatory issues in the past. Hopefully, this latest health risk will not force you to resign as the Nation's most powerful Vice President ever. The recent attempt on your life in Afghanistan, and your former Chief of Staff being found guilty by a jury of making false statements (lying) to a Grand Jury and the FBI, as well as Obstruction of Justice (implying there was something to obstruct justice's view of) are obviously not what the doctor ordered in terms of reducing your stress levels. I know you and "Scooter" were very close. Your former advisor, Mary Matalin called him "Cheney's Cheney". How could what seemed to be, for all intents and purposes, your assistant do so much without your direction and knowledge? It's not like your hand written notes were referred to during the trial. I mean, identifying a covert CIA operative who was working on Iran's nuCLEar programs, in these times? Who could let politics get in the way of Our national security? It's almost as bad as when President Clinton lied about having an extra marital affair. At least you are not running for President in 2008, right. Don't worry, Mr. Vice President. The pro-choice, pro-gay rights, pro-gun control New York front runner for your republican party's nomination will ease your jangled nerves.

There's always the "progress" being made in Iraq, despite the statements of General Petraeus. Who expected to hear "There is no military solution to a problem like that in Iraq, to the insurgency of Iraq," from the President's latest appointment to lead there? From the man whose name "surge" dissenters were flogged with by everyone from senator LIEberman to your puppet-in-chief, george junior (to be fair that's not that wide of a field). How could the lead General in Iraq, since the "surge", make such a statement during war time? It would be like making public the repugnant way Our Country has been treating Our injured veterans coming home from your administration's war in Iraq. It's no wonder that Congressional members of the "grand ol' party" knew about the abuses to Our veterans and said nothing. And those who complain that Our troops are being overextended, under rested, and under trained for their ever changing mission in the war/nation building project in Iraq must not realize that Our troops are "in harm's way". Damn the war veterans in Congress who want to legislate that Our military get the rest, training, and equipment they need and deserve. Don't they realize it is the draft, and service, dodging civilian leadership that knows best. I guess it's all part of the ever changing climate in Washington. Don't worry, I'm not talking about "global climate change". I know your administration only allows specifically designated people to discuss that, and not the pesky scientists doing the research.

At least you are not involved in the pressuring of Federal prosecutors by high ranking republican officials for political reasons and the subsequent firing of Federal prosecutors who did not heed that pressure. Maybe all your work with halliburton and the "energy task force" will keep you out of the line of fire of the "independent counsel" or "special prosecutor" the Democratic 110th Congress may throw at you and your puppet administration.

Thank you Mr. Vice President for all your service in bunkers around the world.

A concerned Citizen.
David Calamoneri
Hoboken, NJ

P.S. I am being sarcastic.

Wednesday, March 07, 2007

9/11, two+ wars, and 2008

We all remember the cheerleader-in-chief on a pile of rumble with the first mega phone on 9/11. We all remember the "Mayor of 9/11". He's the one surging (pun intended) into the lead of red candidates for President. But do you remember the man who "masterminded 9/11"? Well, over the past week, we've learned that "bin Laden is in Pakistan", which by the way has a nuCLEar weapon (a fact that may not to be so true of North Korea or Iran). We didn't send a "surge" in to find him. Pakistan is our "ally" after all. Speaking of allies, Afghanistan's president Karzai has condemned US troops for a recent raid, killing 10 civilians. He didn't get a chance to voice his displeasure directly to dick, who left Afghanistan fairly quickly after, the taliban, whom We were told We defeated, came closer than ever before to killing Our Vice President in a recent bombing that killed 23 people at an American base he was visiting.

Let's not lose focus, the War in Afghanistan (though not finished) has been declared a victory (insert "Mission Accomplished comment here). The War in Iraq is the one we're fighting now. For those who feel the need a refresher or just want to know more about what's going on in Iraq Mother Jones has Iraq 101. With the president of Iraq suffering a stroke and the Iraqi vice president narrowly escaping an assassination (as Our's did in Afghanistan), the bombs continue to explode in Iraq. The bush administration has revealed that there is no "plan B" if the surge, which has already increased from 21,500 additional troops to 28,000, doesn't work. At least, We finally sat at a table to discuss Iraq with it's neighbors Iran and Syria. Even though the talks don't seemed to have worked, it is a good start. Iran (predominately Shiite) has even taken up talks with the Saudi government (predominately Sunni) to try and figure a way to put out the fire that we have further fueled and fanned in the region.The Sunni/Shiite divide is the main cause of the "sectarian violence"/civil war going on in Iraq, and it's a divide that, according to Seymour Hersch we're having trouble picking sides for.

Speaking of good starts, the plan being slowly leaked out from Rep. John Murtha sounds like a good start. Having soldiers rested, trained, and equipped as they should be doesn't sound unacceptable. What sounds unacceptable is 500 to 1,000 veterans, who fought in Iraq and Afghanistan, joining the 200,000 homeless vets of America. What is unacceptable is the deplorable condition of certain buildings at Walter Reed hospital. To be fair, the Secretary of the Army has resigned because of the conditions he allowed there. I guess, no one seemed to foresee how many more severely injured We would have as a result of better medical practices. But now with the haliburton connection, there is no excuse. It is no wonder that we are hearing more "dissent ion in the ranks".

With these two+ wars going on, it's hard for candidates in the far to early 2008 campaign for President to talk about the 26% increase in the United States of America's severely poor over the past five years or how the "Ownership" society had quite a scare at the Stock Exchange last week. Something I do find interesting about the republican side of the "campaign" so far is the fact that all the candidates claim to be "reagan republicans". Not a one says the word bush. Some legacy you got there, Mr. bush, and that means you too H.W.

I leave you with this link to what Senator Barak Obama had to say about Iraq in 2002. Remember what lil' bush sounded like when it came to foreign policy in 2000? Obama is no light weight. Do not let them tell you differently.