Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Bring the Funny!

Now we all saw the hilariously, and obviously ironic, New Yorker cover depicting Obama as a Muslim, bin laden impersonator and his wife, Michelle, in full Angela Davis attire, as they felt the warmth of the burning flag in the fireplace. HA HA HA. I've been rolling on the floor ever since I saw it. The joke was so obvious... to a New Yorker reader. Well, now, Vanity Fair has there funny mccain cartoon cover answer. Only difference is, the New Yorker was making fun of the lies about the Obamas being spread by the right, while the Vanity Fair cover is poking fun at the truth. The bitter red candidate is old, his wife was addicted to pills, and they are for destroying rights provided for by Our Constitution. That's why I like this cartoon cover of john "the philanderer" mccain better.

Speaking of the funny old coot, have you heard the one about the gorilla that brutally beats and rapes a woman? You know what, slap stick johnny tells it best. But seriously folks, the rerun of the shrub campaign is really upset about the amount of coverage given to an American politician attracting over 200,000 cheering, American flag waving, Europeans to hear his speech. Poor "one reporter showed up for me" john doesn't get this kind of help from the main stream media. All he gets is CBS editing his gaffes out of interviews.
Now I'm not talking about him forgetting that "Czechoslovakia" is no longer a country. They're editing out gaffes about the borders of countries that are the top priority of Our foreign policy and National Security. But who cares if the one who calls himself experienced knows what borders Iraq or Pakistan? Or a later edit, which I assume is for Obama's sake, when the computer illiterate one forgot that the war in Afghanistan was Our "first major major conflict" after 9/11. The funniest/most sickening joke from mccain (aka The Joker) to me was when he laughingly joked with the Google kids about his being 5th FROM THE BOTTOM OF HIS CLASS in College. That's right a candidate for President of the United States was 894 out of 899 at the Naval Academy. Oh, and you have to laugh when during his hunt for press during Barack's EU/Middle East tour, the 72 year old friend of the 27%er was detoured from an off shore oil rig at the site of a huge oil spill to meet with the Dalai Llama. Can you imagine the conversation between the "bomb, bomb, bomb Iran" war hawk and the man who believes we should have "compassion for our attackers"?

But the jokes don't end with johnny third term (or worse), his buddy LIEbermann was out comparing the "pastor" that said hitler "was fulfilling god's will" to Moses. Now that's a knee slapper right up there with faux news misspelling education during a segment on... education. Ah, the funny, you don't even have to watch John or Stephen (link to a CLASSIC) for it anymore.

Next up:
More on my support for Barack Obama for President of the United States.
The first "gitmo case", where the prosecutor said Flight 93 was "shot down" on 9/11 and coerced evidence is not allowed.
And the Non-Binding Impeachment Hearing and accountability in the White House.

Correction: The gaffe about Iraq bordering Pakistan was not edited by CBS. The bewildered one's gaffe about the timeline of his beloved surge was, along with forgetting about the war in Afghanistan, of course.

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Barack, FISA, and Our wars

Barack Obama is going to make decisions that I do not like. Barack Obama is not the "liberal" he has been defined by the right and misunderstood by many on the left. Just because a hippy lefty, like me, believes he could be one of the Great Leaders (certainly American) of my lifetime does not mean Barack is a hippy leftie. And being against the War in Iraq does not make someone "a liberal" either. He's left of center certainly, but not all his stances match the progressive left. The politics he preaches talks of sitting down with both sides of an argument and coming to a mutual agreement and understanding. A welcome change from "you're with us or your against us", but a bit of a pill to take when the decision lands on the side of the argument opposite yours. I haven't had a real problem with any of Obama's decisions thus far . I thought he should take a hit not taking public finance moneys allotted by the 10% of Americans that check the box on their tax forms, and he did. But it was a smart move. But this FISA bill vote really pisses me off. Senator Barack Obama, along with 68 other Senators, voted in favor of giving the president the right into Our privacy without fear of reprisal or oversight, even for the then criminal acts he and the "we were only following orders" telecoms perpetrated before the law went through. Not to mention, it was something he said he would not vote for. More of the same new mccain missed the vote, like he has every other one this year.

There are a couple, not to say they're legitimate, rationales I can think of for Congress's "bowing" to the president and giving him right and reign over any detail of any of our lives he deems fit to explore. In a Rachel Maddow interview with Russ Feingold. He seems to think that it may be okay, though "it was one of the greatest assaults on Our Constitution", that Obama voted yea on the new FISA, because it is something Obama and the Democrats will fix after he becomes President. So they vote pro-spying on American Citizens, the republicans can't say they're weak on the terrorists, and after they win, they'll change it back. That coupled with the pro-spying contingent having enough votes to pass it anyway might be enough of a pathetic excuse, but there may be more. Also passed that day was a "landmark" Medicare Bill, that brought Senator Edward Kennedy out of his sick bed for a deciding vote. The bill hits the insurance companies and helps the doctors and the patients. Was this close Medicare vote negotiated by giving certain votes on FISA? I don't know, but I still don't like it. It's not enough to sway my support for Barack Obama for president of the United States of America, but I don't like it.

In other news that smells funny, have you heard about the fake Iranian missile pictures? I wonder who made those. Maybe it was Iran thumping it's chest like it's nemesis Israel, whose planes may be practicing on Our bases in Iraq. Or... Maybe... it was the same "folks" that forged those Nigerian Uranium documents they helped cheneyco. rush us into war in Iraq. Either way if we go to war with Iran, oil prices will spike even higher, and there will have to be a draft.

In other news, the befuddled one said he would balance the budget by 2012 with the help of "savings from Victory in Iraq". That's right. The money that we have been "deficit or debt" spending in Iraq can be used as income once we can stop "deficit" spending it for war. Obama defended his stance that children should learn foreign languages, his economic plan came out some months ago. And Our "Free Market is the Best" government bailed out a couple more huge private companies. But my favorite bit of the week, no it has nothing to do with a-rod, was the video of candidate "i'm not the man I used to be" mccain being asked by a reporter if it was "fair" that insurance companies pay for viagra, but not birth control pills. Squirm, johnny squirm.

And finally, onto Our two wars. In Afghanistan, the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of staff, Adm. Mike Mullen, is now saying that, unless we pull troops out of Iraq, we will not have enough troops in Afghanistan to fight the resurgent taliban and al qaeda there. Pakistan as recently said the US can no longer hunt bin Laden there. And in Iraq, the Iraqi government is pushing for a TIMETABLE for the withdrawal of US/foreign fighters. Those surrender monkeys, why do they hate Iraq? You know, here's Senator Barack Obama's Plan for Iraq. I'm sure I'll type more about both wars later, along with the economy, energy, political satire, and patriotism.

Update: Congress overided (is that a word?) presnit bush's veto of the Medicare Bill.