Thursday, September 25, 2008

A Blatant Political Ploy.

It wasn't even a year ago today that john mccain said he wasn't an "expert on wall street". On the day Lehman Brothers fell and the DOW dropped 500, mccain claimed "the fundamentals of our economy are strong". Now... He, senator john mccain, Has to be in Washington to fix the economic crisis, an investment banking crisis his votes for deregulation helped to bring to fruition. Maybe he wanted his first vote in the Senate since April to be surrounded by hoopla. He had to be there so fast, so immediately, that he cancelled a Letterman taping to be done a few hours after his announcement. He was in New York City being interviewed by Katie Couric at the time of the taping. Here's a great clip of Dave crushing john's sudden cancellation. Thank heavens he could make time in the morning to meet with the notorious turn coat clinton backer who now supports the man who'll take away her right to choose and doesn't support equal work for equal pay.

Yes john mccain was whisked away. I can picture him now illuminating all the people who have been working on this crisis. Experts on all things Economic and financial hanging on his every word. Finally their oracle has arrived.

The republican candidate's Top Economic Advisor, who recently claimed that We were a "Nation of Whiners" in a "Mental Recession", phil graham, co-sponsored the legislation that, coupled with greed on wall street, has lead to this crisis, and he is going to go in there and fix it? We could talk about the touchy subject (no, not the investigation into sarah palin's abuse of power as governor) of john's Campaign Manager lobbying for the deregulation of freddie mac and fannie mae, and getting millions of dollars for it.

On the question of should there be a Presidential Debate on Friday, The President of the United States has to be able to handle multiple, not to mention HUGE, tasks and crises. Given the current state of affairs, both foreign and domestic, it is guaranteed the next president will have to, and with modern day airborne transportation, a flight from Washington, D.C. to Mississippi isn't all that long. I'm pretty sure both campaigns have access to a plane. If it was necessary for them to be in Washington (they are both there today) they could be there and hop on a plane to Mississippi for the debates. Why not tell the American people what you want to do for the economy? The topic for Friday's debate "is" foreign policy, but that could be changed to the economy, at least partially. I'd like to hear the candidates' proposals for reversing the downward spiral Our economy has been in over the past year or so.

Maybe the no pull president wanted a quiet cheerleader in there in return for giving so many of his political staff to the mccain campaign? Or is there another reason john has to be in DC? Could the campaign not be going so well? Did, to quote Maureen Dowd, palin's "speed-dated diplomacy" photo op at the UN not work as well as hoped? Is it just a "time out" so that the campaign can try and grab some footing on the sliding polls? Does mccain need time for his team to finally come up with a coherent and consistent stance on US economic policy? Personally, I think it's just a blatant political ploy for him to attach a tag line to. But wait, the mccain campaign wants to postpone the first presidential debate to the day of the vice presidential debate next week, which would be rescheduled for a yet to be determined date. And by the sound of her appearance with Katie Couric, sarah palin may still need more "learning on the job".

It's important that We remember what caused this crisis as the failure in chief prepares to lay blame on Congress for not immediately rubber stamping his no oversight, no questions asked blank check of $700 BILLION dollar buy, I mean, bailout. It was the deregulation and unbridled greed of investment banks who's unrealistic schemes and deals put unrealistic value on unrealistic loans and mortgages. I keep asking myself if the government spent ONE TRILLION DOLLARS of tax payer money to help out those taxpayers who were about to default on their home loans and mortgages or even made it possible for the banks to lower the payments, would we be in the mess we're in. I know, that would be for low income, which means we'd hear the word "socialism" a lot more than we do for the bailout of billion dollar corporations, but "I'm not an expert on some of this stuff" either, john. He sure does have a way with words.

More on what the hell is going on with Our economy and the complete and utter policy failure, domestic, foreign, and economic of the 43rd president of the united states later.

Oh wait, they may agree on the bailout today or early tomorrow. I guess it's a good thing they have cancelled the debate yet.

The tentative agreement forged by Congressional leaders and the administration was all but blown up at the White House meeting, that johnny and george called for, by House republicans. It's actually being reported that Secretary Paulson took a knee and pleaded "please don't blow this up." Oh and Washington Mutual became the largest US bank to collapse.

From Yahoo: "At one point, several minutes into the session, Obama said it was time to hear from McCain. According to a Republican who was there, "all he said was, 'I support the principles that House Republicans are fighting for.'"

From Politico: "And the whole sequence of events confirmed Treasury’s fears about the decision by Bush, at the urging of McCain, to allow presidential politics into what were already difficult negotiations"

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Barack Obama for President!

I know I should be typing about US taxpayers bailing out Huge companies and Our "free market" economy to the tune of perhaps $1,000,000,000,000 (one trillion dollars), how the DOW dropped back to where it was when the failure first stepped into Our Oval Office before recently bouncing back, how the biggest banks in the United States are in a cannibalistic/save our ass feeding frenzy (with China making offers for 49% of Morgan Stanley), how socialism is ok if it's the rich that need the help, and how johnny's economic "guru" helped architect the economic policies that lead Us here. I could be typing about the quick (same day) Federal response to Hurricane Ike as opposed to the dismal response to Hurricane Katrina. I really should be typing about the failure in chief "secretly" agreeing with Barack that the US should be able to go after people, like osama bin laden, in Pakistan without the Pakistani government's approval, as well as Pakistan's response to that idea. The latter bringing to mind the question, what person on either ticket knows more about Pakistan than Vice Presidential Candidate Joe Biden?

But instead, I'd like to take this time to talk about... you guessed it, the 2008 Presidential Campaign. In the face of "eRumors" (I didn't coin it.) being spread by supporters of the real flip flop john/sarah i like to kill animals from helicopters and leave them to die an agonizing death palin ticket (Lies about Obama on taxes, and the ever pressing issue of when Obama salutes the flag, along with other LIES! ) my faith in Barack Obama for President has actually been on the rise. It's not so much the trends in the polls or that the pander for vice president's surge in the old man's support has disappearred from them. My reassurance has come directly from the candidate and his supporters. Obama's new ad concerning the economy was both empathetic and outlined a Real Plan. His appearances on David Letterman, Keith Obermann, and bill o'lielly (!!!) were all great. And his telling supporters in Nevada: "I need you to go out and talk to your friends and talk to your neighbors. I want you to talk to them whether they are independent or whether they are Republican. I want you to argue with them and get in their face," he said. "And if they tell you that, 'Well, we're not sure where he stands on guns.' I want you to say, 'He believes in the Second Amendment.' If they tell you, 'Well, he's going to raise your taxes,' you say, 'No, he's not, he's going lower them.' You are my ambassadors. You guys are the ones who can make the case." is just the stuff his campaign needs. We can't be afraid to fight. We can't sit back as they repeat lies over and over again. Some might even call it "bottom up politics". And yeah, celebrity look a like, Tina Fey, did pretty good, too!

I've even started receiving Pro-Obama email chains and pictures of anti-pander protests in Alaska. Unlike the anti-obama chains, these aren't filled with lies, but they are pretty damn tough for registered Democrats. What's really encouraging is that they are coming from people that don't normally, if ever, send me anything political. And now we're seeing more sober eyed republicans really taking a look at their ticket. Just look at i won't release my health records to the public johnny's economic advisor, and one time possible vice presidential pick, Carly Fiorina, his fellow republican Senator Chuck Hagel and rover's views on pander's experience.

People are starting to ask "What's up with mccain?" It's not unusual for him to have a "senior moment", but they're coming more and more often. He was against the Fed's bailout of America's largest insurance company, AIG, the Day before he was for it. His bizarre remarks on Spain are another blow to his "foreign policy credentials". Lord knows he doesn't have any more cred when it comes to lobbyists. His recent reactionary, if not vindictive, idea that if he were president he would fire the head of the SEC for the recent financial crisis, was met with the fact that the President does not have the power to fire the head of the SEC. What's happened to Our Country's economy over the past weeks, months and years is not the fault of any one man, but there is this old saying that once adorned the Oval Office about a buck.

These are serious times. This is not a reality show, horse race, or school yard insult contest between candidates. We need Wisdom to try and solve these problems. We need Leadership at Home and Abroad. We need Real New Ideas from the best and widest selection of sources possible . The only possibility of a change from the the policies, campaign tactics, incompetence, pettiness, and utter failure of the administration of the 43rd president is if We Elect Barack Obama as the 44th President of the United States of America.

Barack's Latest Ad Addressing the Economy

Barack Obama addresses the recent Economic crisis which has the US taxpayers bailing out Huge companies with Billion$ of Our Tax Dollars

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

You can put lipstick on a pig, but it's still a pig.

Johnny third term of bush using the old lipstick pig line on Hillary's Health Care plan

The outrage from the formerly anti-pc, "uppity" republicans over Obama's use of the old cliche is the latest distraction from the mcsame/pander ticket meant to keep people from talking about how they want to extend the bush policies (like he made any up himself) on the economy and the war and everything else that has put Our Country in the direction we've been in for the past six years. I say 6, because I'll give bushco. a year after the tragedy of September 11th.

Here's johnny the same using the lipstick on a pig cliche when describing Hillary Clinton's health care plan.

Here's angry old dick cheney using it against Presidential Candidate John Kerry.

They do not have a copyright, or to dumb it down dibs, on the word "lipstick". If you watch the actual clip of Obama, he's not refering to candidate pander he's refering to the "for straight talk before he was against" candidate. But it is true that pander fed at the federal "trough" during her stint as both mayor and governor. $27 million for a town of 9,000??? You can put lipstick on pork...

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Thursday, September 04, 2008

Senator Barack Obama and the gop's pick for vice president.

More than Eighty Four Thousand people attended the last night of the Democratic National Convention to hear the Democratic Candidate speak. More Americans watched the speech than watched the opening night of the Olympics, the Oscars, or the american idol finale. Presidential Candidate Barack Obama's speech was strong, well written and forward looking. It informed Us of what the Change he keeps talking about means. It defended him against attacks about his "elitism" and "celebrity", and more importantly defended Democrats and the Democratic Party. It had more "attacks" than some had hoped, but those attacks were directed at the policy, direction, and lack of connection with the American people that the former straight talker and the administration he has supported 90% of the time have provided Us with for the past 7+ years. And I have to admit it sure was nice to see a Democrat with teeth, who stood up for himself and actually went on the offense.

It's not surprising that the speakers at the under-attended republican convention mock Barack Obama "the community organizer" instead of offering a plan to move America forward. It's not surprising that they leave out Barack's being a constitutional scholar at Harvard, or the fact that while the gop's vice presidential choice was on the town council and in the mayor's office of a small town in Alaska, Barack Obama was an Illinois State Senator and then a United States Senator.

When it comes to "experience governing", the right wing's VP candidate is under investigation for abuse of power after less than two years as governor of Alaska. And I'm sorry, maybe I know too many mayors and city council people, but thinking that is experience enough to be a heartbeat away from the Presidency of the United States is ludicrous. The Democratic candidate for President, that 18 million people voted for, has been campaigning for president as long as the red veep candidate has been governor of the least densely populated State in the Union. And it's been one heckuva campaign.

Barack Obama has commanded and controlled his campaign, it's message, and more recently the DNC, to a place unthinkable at it's start. A recent poll finds an African-American candidate for President named Barack Hussein Obama has the support of 50% of those registered voters polled. I'm sorry, but that is Astonishing! With stories of the bewildered and angry one wanting to pick LIEberman or colored coded tom ridge as his vice only to appoint someone for vice president he met once, makes me wonder who's in control of his campaign. If he can't command his own campaign, how can he command Our forces. And before you hit me with the he, like 600+ other American soldiers, was a POW in Vietnam, why not read what a man who was a POW with johnny third term has to say.

This was going to be (even more) of a hit piece on the red Vice Presidential candidate, whose selection peggy noonan (former raygun speech writer and WSJ columnist) described as part of a "politcal bullshit narrative". A blog about how a former Alaskan secessionist now preaches about American patriotism. It was going to be a piece questioning whether it matters that a governor, who cut $1.1 million dollars from a program because it contained sex education instead of the abstinence only programs that she pushes on taxpayers, is the mother of a pregnant teenager. Or whether it's fair to make Our Nation's teenage pregnancies Our Government's business, while saying a government official's teenage pregnancy is none of Our Nation's business. It was going to be a shot at her SUPPORTING the "bridge to nowhere" and then telling press she didn't, not to mention the millions more in "pork" she called on Congress to provide. A rant about her support of disgraced senator ted stevens and his of her. A pontification on whether it mattered that the vice presidential candidate hasn't "focused much on the war in Iraq" nor has she any foreign policy experience aside from the fact that "Alaska is right next to Russia" (to quote the old guy) . And though it surely isn't my place, I thought I'd ask whether a mother of five should be there for her "special needs" four month old child.

The nomination of sarah palin is, quite simply, political pandering. To tell you the truth, it reminds me a lot of harriet miers, brownie, and others like them. People who have been appointed and hired by bushco. with No Experience, solely because they agree on "hot button" political issues that have nothing to do with the job they are assigned.

But after United States Senator Barack Obama denounced mentions of the candidate's families (Maybe he didn't think she was going to "mock" him throughout her whole bushco. written speech) , I realized that this election isn't about what the gop's vp selection looks or acts like as much as it's about the same things it was a week ago. This election is about US economic policy, getting out of the gop's illegal war in Iraq, a real comprehensive energy policy and Health Care for every American. The republican counterpart to johnny flip into the fold is just more support of the same policies that have sent Our economy into recession, sent foreclosures soaring, ruined Our good standing around the world, and turned the biggest surplus in history to the biggest deficit. The same policies that rushed into and waged a $500,000,000,000.00+ unnecessary war in Iraq, that has cost almost 5,000 Americans and the lives of far more innocent Iraqis than the previous evil dictator ever did. We Need a Change. A Change We Can Believe In. And Hopefully a Change we will see and feel when Barack Obama is elected President of the United States.

To those of you who are "really nervous" about the possibility of Barack Obama not winning this election, all I can say is Do Something to help get him elected. It doesn't have to be volunteering in a swing state for five weeks. You can Donate money, or write letters to your local newspaper and/or local papers in swing states. You can talk about it with friends and family from all political sides. You can buy a shirt and wear it. You can shout about it out of your Obama placarded window, from the mountain top or in the street. You can Register people to Vote, and help get them out on November forth. There are lots of ways to help, if you are so inclined. Elections are the only time the American People's voice can be heard, and this time around it is really important that it is.