Friday, October 31, 2008

When they ask about Obama.

When they say he'll raise your taxes,
A) Families making less than $250,000.00, and individuals making less than $200,000, will see NO increase in their taxes, most in this bracket will see their taxes CUT. The Obama tax calculator is here.
B) If you make more than $250,000.00 a year you will be taxed at the same rate people in that bracket were under President Clinton. People seemed to do pretty well during that administration.
C) Obama will end tax breaks, effectively raising taxes, on businesses who send jobs oversees, and will give a tax credit to those that create jobs here in America.

When they ask about Obama's accomplishments,
A) He graduated Magnum Cum Laude from Harvard Law School, and was head of the Harvard Law Review.
B) He sponsored over 800 bills in the Illinois State Senate
C) In his first year and a half as United States Senator he sponsored 152 bills. Some of them are small, and some big.
D) He co-sponsored and lobbied for "sweeping" Ethics Reform Legislation with Russ Feingold.
E) He has Led his campaign for President for two years, against the party establishment (see primaries) and defeated the biggest name in Democratic politics since Kennedy. And after winning the primary, his first act of leadership over his party was to have them stop taking lobbyist and PAC money. Something his campaign has done all along.
F) Oh yeah and he is the First African American Candidate for President of the United States with a major party, that appears to be leading going into election day.

When they say he is the most Liberal Senator and/or Democrat
A) Ask them "Says who?".
B) There are plenty "Left" of Barack, Ted Kennedy, Russ Feingold, Diane Feinstein for starters. If you want to talk about of all the Democrats, bring in Kucinich, Conyers, Waxman, etc.
C) It will be a welcome change from what the most conservative administration has done over the past eight years.
D) Barack Obama is no "dove" (see more troops into war in Afghanistan). There is certainly some room to the left of that stance.
E) He has partnered with Republican Leaders, like Dick Lugar and Chuck Hagel on several occasions.

When they say he's a muslim.
A) He has been a Christian all his life.
B) You may not want to bring him up, but they may remember stories about his pastor.
C) As former General and Secretary of State, colin powell, recently said "what if he is? Is there something wrong with being a Muslim in this country? The answer’s no, that’s not America."

When they say, fear the terrorist attack if he should get in.
A) The worst attack on the United States happened in 2001, on bush's watch. When they blame Clinton, by saying "they" were planning it during Clinton, ask them does that mean that they're planning the attack for Obama's tenure during bush? If you really want to get into it, you could mention the warnings from Richard Clarke and others that bush did get.
B) Members of al qaeda have come out to support mccain's candidacy.
C) Barack Obama is no "dove" (see more troops into war in Afghanistan).

When they say he's not a citizen or a "natural born" citizen,
A) Barack Obama was born in Hawaii August 4, 1961, two years after Hawaii achieved statehood. His campaign provided an image of the birth certificate a few months ago.
B) Candidate mccain was born in Panama (in the "canal zone").

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Barack in Richmond, Virginia "We All Love this Country"

Here’s What You Have to Do to Make Sure You Get to Vote.

I've been getting asked lately about numbers to call about voter suppression, polling places, etc. And yeah, when you go to vote you should cover your Obama shirt, take off your Obama button and leave any literature 50 Feet away from the polling place. Accidental electioneering would be a pretty lame reason for not being allowed to vote.

Here's a good link about early voting, voter challenges, and suppression.

For Jersey folks you can go here to find your polling place and here for what ID you can use. For out of state readers, you can just google polling places and the state you're in. County Registrars usually are a good place to start.

And speaking of other states, a regular reader and responder to the Ink asked me to ask if anyone wants to help out the Barack effort in PA. Much has been made, especially by the grand oil party, that it is close there. Kerry won Pennsylvania by winning Philly pretty much. I am of the feeling that we should treat every state as uncertain (at the very least). I'm staying in New Jersey. If you do want to travel to a swing state, Barack's site has ways to get you out there. Or if it's PA you're looking at, I have someone you can talk to.

That's all for now.


Friday, October 17, 2008

After the Final Debate.

Last week saw the final Presidential debate of the 2008 campaign (Barack's 29th since announcing his candidacy). The main feeling I was left with, especially after watching some split screen coverage, was how calm, cool, and confident Obama was, as opposed to the twitchy and angry john mccain. In his opening statement, mccain said the word "angry" four times. But in case you missed that, the split screen showed an eyes rolling, eye brow raising, tongue flicking, angry old man. The irony of john's talk on negative campaining, and being proud of his followers even when confrionted with the shouts of "terrorist" "kill 'im" and his Vice's "palling around with terrorists" didn't surprise me, or fool anyone. On abortion, he continued, as his vice did when talking about her teen age pregnant daughter, to use the word "decision". DECISION?!??! Isn't that exactly what you want to deny people the ability to do, decide for themselves what's best. Interesting side note, there was a hard hitting/to watch ad that aired right after the debate with a rape victim saying she didn't want to be forced by the government, or sarah palin, to have the child. As for Obama going against his party's leadership, look no further than His Campaign for the President of the United States of America, which went against almost all of the leadership (if you can remember back to the early part of the primaries), and took out the biggest last name in the Democratic party since Kennedy. Just think back when the Democratic leadership was falling in line behind Hillary. Then there was Joe (who's real name is Sam) the plumber (who isn't a licensed plumber) who's afraid of Obama's tax plan, even though he has admitted Barack plan would cut his taxes, not to mention his neglecting to pay them anyway. It certainly smells like the last attempt of a man with seven houses, thirteen cars, and $5,000 make up girl to relate to the "working man". Oh and here's a quick video to answer the burning question if "say and do anything to win/losing more integrity everyday" mccain is for or against the failure in chief (a "man" who john mccain has voted with him 90% of the time).

Barack Obama won this debate on style and on substance. He absorbed attacks with an unforced, comfortable smile and answered them with reasoned responses. His holding back from attacking his opponent and the republican vice presidential candidate only served to further distinguish himself from the other guy at the table (not Bob Schiffer, who I thought did great). He answered questions on Ayers (Here's a great Wall Street Journal Op Ed on that subject) who is now a professor and board member invited by a close ally of reagan and ACORN, "voter Registration fraud" complaints against which, GOP Gov. Christ says are overblown. In a related story, The Supreme Court has ruled against the GOP in their Ohio "voter fraud" claim. I know I am biased, almost as biased as they come on this, but which of these two candidates is Our best Hope of Change in Our Country's direction and the way it is governed? The candidate who has been there for 26 years, the last eight of which becoming a different man and a follower of those he once raled against or Barack Obama, who took on his party, with a campaign he has led, with a steady hand and message, over the last two years, taking it to places that were not too long ago deemed impossible. We decide.

I, like most of you I'm sure, can't wait for this campaign to be over. My nerves are really pretty shot at this point. More importantly, though, news outside the campaign has taken a back seat. From the roller coaster on wall street, falling and flailing non-stock market economic indices (unemployment, retail sales, productivity), stories of Our government spying on conversations of US citizens that have absolutely nothing to do with "terrorism" and the military passing around the juicy parts, bush's memo allowing waterboarding, Iraq and the US coming closer to agreeing on a withdrawal timetable, oil prices dropping to half of what they were in July and gas prices not, and then there's the legacy of a president whose arrival was greeted with a record economic surplus, after eight years of peace and prosperity, only to leave Us with the "greatest economic downturn since the Great Depression", two unfinished foreign wars, a war without end on a noun, making the US Constitution irrelevent when it comes to the privacy of US Citizens and the separation of church and state, a severely diminished status among the World's nations when it comes to human rights, the environment, science and international law and an increase in the power of the executive branch (yes dick that includes Vice President) to a point above the law while lowering the bar on the intelligence and consensus building it takes to be its chief.

I leave you with Letterman asking johnny about his relationship with convicted felon g.gordon liddy, the Washington Post's well put endorsement of Barack Obama for President, and the Beastie Boys' Rock the Vote for Obama in Swing States tour dates (Tenacious D will be there with them for a couple).

Friday, October 10, 2008

7 Inconsistencies in logic (AKA hypocrisies and flip flops)

My buddy, Karl, has a thing on his website called "TG7", where people submit lists of 7 on a wide variety of subjects. I try to refrain from getting too political on there I figure if people wanted to hear my political rants they'd read the blog. So I thought I'd put it up here instead.

7 Inconsistencies in logic (AKA hypocrisies and flip flops) from the mccain ticket:

1. Using the word "liberal" as a negative against Senator Obama and then crowing about "working with the other side" by teaming up with the Senate's two Biggest Liberals (Ted Kennedy and Russ Feingold).

2. He says he will buy people's homes, or lower the value or the principle on their loans (whatever his most recent undetailed attempt at an economic policy is), then with his next breath says he will freeze spending. (Full disclosure... I was calling for a bailout for those whose homes were about to foreclosed on from the beginning, but I think it's too late and is nothing more than a political ploy from john)

3. Trumpeting his failed attempts at "fighting to stop climate change" and then repeating the call for more drilling.

4. "Say it ain't so" sara. "There you go pointing backwards again" (40 years backwards) "doggone it" I thought you were "gonna look ahead and tell Americans what you have to plan to do for them in the future".

5. Freaking out about a Weathermen member (circa the 60's) turned "distinguished professor" and school reformist (charges against whom were dropped by the government decades ago) because Obama was on a board with him, that was founded by a reagan conservative, and had a "coffee" fundraiser at his house 40 years after his "crimes". All this after johnny voted to protect domestic terrorists that bombed Health Clinics.

6. Taking the LOW road after over a year of saying his campaign wouldn't.

7. Being Against the "bush tax cuts", water boarding, the "religious right", rovian politics, and offshore drilling before being for them.

I'll leave you with Rolling Stone's "Make-Believe Maverick" (It's long but it's good) and the recent column from conservative columnist and son of william f. buckley (wow that sounded like a horror movie) Christopher titled "Sorry, Dad, I'm Voting for Obama"

More on the "Who is Obama?" argument, the inciting of violence toward a US official who could be the next President of the United States, and a reminder that there is a Major Economic crisis going on later.

Friday, October 03, 2008

There's just too much news. (A Pre Veep Debate post)

There's been Too much news to type about lately. The economic bail out bill failed in the US House of Representatives, despite the afternoon long suspension of one of the presidential campaigns. It was then amended and passed in the Senate. Now it goes back to the House. As it does, stocks dropped on awful employment news and the growing credit crisis. There have been a series of bombings in Baghdad. A US General in Afghanistan is practically begging for more troops. And we are a month away from the election of the 44th President of the United States of America.

Tonight, after the republican choice for Vice President gets her cram session on current world events (and Joe Biden's record) and Senator Obama's choice gets his sensitivity training, the Vice presidential debate will take place. The spin has been something to behold. There's palin's skill at giving real good non-answers. How tonight's format could work in her favor. Stories of the moderator favoring Obama (and a future moderator acting as the link between NBC and the mccain camp). How a focus on foreign policy, like say the 2004 vice presidential debate, would be "gotcha" politics. I guess we'll have to see. I'm cautiously optimistic. Biden could come across as a mccain-esque angry old man. And she could come off like the lead character in the movie "Bob Roberts". Either way, I am expecting a bit of a dog fight.

Barack Obama has been moving up steadily in the polls, since about a week after the republican convention. Most polls now find him ahead in the ever important swing states of Ohio and Florida. President Clinton's recent visit may have helped with the latter. He is also leading in Colorado, New Mexico, Iowa, Virginia, Nevada, and North Carolina. The failure-in-chief won all of these states in 2004. Some of these states are Way too Close, but others aren't (Iowa by 9+).

Anything can happen from now until November 4th, including the thinking that Obama is so ahead we can lay back a little. The Obama Campaign certainly doesn't want that. It is bringing the internet and grassroots together. Supporters are becoming volunteers in phone banks and street canvassing in states like Pennsylvania. There are text connections, web services making it easy to find out what you can do to volunteer, to donate, and to find out about events in your area. And now the Obama '08 iPhone application makes any downloader an Obama expert. We've come a long way from the pamphlets of the Revolution. I wonder if mccain understands it all.

Most important right now is that you and everyone you know are registered to vote. Deadlines are coming up. New Jersey's is October 14th. You can check at (an Obama sanctioned site, I'm sure there are others) to make sure you're registered. It's important that the people's voice is heard . Especially at a time when it seems so obvious that the apathy allowing only the voices of Our "leaders" to be heard has failed Us so.