Saturday, November 22, 2008

A lot to say after a short break.

After a couple of weeks off of the computer, basking, in both the blue in '08 sunshine of Florida and in Our Glorious Victory that Elected Barack Obama President of the United States of America, I'm back to rant a bit. First off, Don't let anyone tell you that "the electoral college was a landslide, but the popular vote was really close". The 7,943,027 vote margin in the 2008 Presidential Election was the second largest margin of Victory in 24 years. William Jefferson Clinton beat h w bush by 8 million, but had Ross Perot not gotten 19 million that too may have been much closer. So gloat or not, rub it in their face or not, but don't let them belittle the decisiveness of Our Victory (20 pickups in the House and 7 in the Senate so far!!).

Next, It is fun to watch the uber-reds, "religious right", GOP, and plumber devotees eat themselves, but the daily palin interviews are too much for even the most avid car crash aficionado. HOPEfully, her latest "turkey pardon" interview, with the guy killing and bleeding turkeys behind her, will end it. And Speaking of dead turkeys, the longest sitting republican senator and convicted felon, ted stevens, was voted out of the US Senate by the people of Alaska. Can you see my smile in those words? I'm not going to talk about republican strategy going forward, because frankly I don't care. Let's take a look at the Democrats.

First the OUTRAGE, joe LIEberman ("LIE") should have been kicked out of at least his chairmanship. I actually didn't mind him on the Senate Committee on Environment and Public Works. He was better on that than he was on Governmental Oversight, where he did none. As Chairman he held No investigations of bush or his minions, not on the Katrina response (which he promised), on wiretapping, on torture, on rendition, on the rush to War, NOT ONE. For some reason, the Democrats feel that they will not be in control unless they have the almighty 60 (not to say that it's guaranteed that LIE will vote with the other 59). How did the republicans manage to jam the first 6 years of bush down Our throats with just a simple majority? Barack went to campaign for this rat in CT in 2006, and how is he repaid? LIE goes on national TV agreeing with the marxist and socialist claims, while on his non-stop campaign for the republican presidential nominee. He campaigned V. the Democratic party, with his "fear" for America's survival if the Democrats held 60 seats. I guess they want to keep playing nice, and this way the coming mccain-LIEberman global warming bill will still be "bi-partisan". It will be BY partisans alright!

In other leaders in Congress news, it's looking more and more like Senator "He's naive" Hillary "me and mccain have experience" Clinton will be Barack Obama's Secretary of State. Weeks of "news" has been made of this impending selection. Whether it's to "keep his friends close and his enemies closer" or his returning to past tradition, where it was almost customary for campaign rivals from the losing side to work for/be part of the victor's administration, Senator Clinton is a strong, intelligent, hard working public servant, and is a powerful International figure in her own right. I think she will make a good Secretary of State. I was just suprised by the choice and want to know that Obama is picking the best person FOR THE JOB, and it's not Just politics. The leader that seemed to want the position Sooo bad, Senator John Kerry, has been chosen to chair the Senate Foreign Relations Committee. Speaking of bringing your campaign rivals in, you do remember who Candidate Kerry's pick for VP was, don't you? Why do all these Congressional leaders want out of Congress and/or Obama is taking them now that they hold a bigger majority than I can remember? My favorite CHANGE in Democratic leadership, so far, is Representative Henry Waxman taking over at the House Energy and Commerce Committee. He beat out Rep. Dingell (d) who, by most accounts, favored the polluters and more specifically the Big Oil Companies. Rep. Waxman, acting as LIE's government affairs counterpart in the House, has been Tenacious, even before the Dem's kicked the reds out of the majority in 2006.

So yeah, it is SWEET to be on the winning side of things, and I am happy to be done arguing why Barack Obama should be President. Now I can refocus on the abissmal failures and the horrendous legacy that the 43rd president and his administration has left in Our laps and the laps of generations to come. We can add their rushed into $700,000,000,000.00 "bailout" to the list, the management of which the Inspector General of the US Treasury has decribed to Congress, under oath, as "a mess". They are marking Our continued "victory" in Iraq by hanging effigies of the sitting US president. Oh yeah and it is now reported that Iran has enough uranium to work on a nuCLEar bomb. Go bush watch go. Don't let the revisionists and selective amnesiacs forget the truth. Don't let them forget the inept response to a predicted natural disaster's catastrophic flooding of a US city and the lack of redevelopment in its aftermath. Don't let them forget their rush into and mismanagement of a "pre-emptive war in Iraq. Don't let them forget the Illegal spying on US Citizens, the condoning of torture, the indefinite holding of prisoners with no charge, the politicizing of the Department of Justice, the tax cuts for the rich while Increasing non-military and military spending. Don't let them forget going from a surplus to the biggest deficit in history and the DOW going from 10,887 to 7,552 (under Clinton it went from 3,310 to 10,587). They may not be all entirely bush's fault, but they ALL happened on his watch, as did the largest terrorist attacks on American soil. Not that Our government will ever hold him accountable, short of a sex scandal, but there may be a lawyer or two, like the Texas judge who indicted dick and alberto recently, who will.

So to everyone that told me that America will never elect a "black guy", to those who warned of the Bradley Effect and the "liberal polling" (the polls were right on by the way), to all you "center righters" out there, you who warned of "the rest of the country" I had forgotten about. All I have to say is... WRONG!

We Won! I have the stack of newspapers and magazines to prove it! HOPE beat fear!

Thursday, November 06, 2008


I can honestly say I have never woken up with Lee Greenwood in my head before, but today I can't seem to shake his "Proud to Be an American".

This election means a lot a things to a lot of people (and to me personally), and says a lot about Our Country.
Our Need for a New Direction
Our Ability to Move past the small politics of character assassination
Our Attitude toward race
Our Desire for a Change
And an understanding and Belief that We Could Do it

I know. I'm in the clouds right now, but this win was not by a narrow margin. This was not close. 349 (so far) electoral votes to 163. 52% of the popular vote (62,956,752 votes) to 46% (55,764,284). President-Elect Barack Obama's 52% of the popular vote marked the first time in 44 years a Democrat reached 51 let alone passed it. Obama's 50 State strategy, which Chairman Dean laid the foundation for, led him to victory in republican strongholds like Colorado, Indiana, Virginia, Nevada . Barack Obama won Ohio And Florida, and Pennsylvania wasn't close (by 10%).

We Did It! We Truly Did. But to tell you the truth, until Barack Obama takes the oath of office on January 20th, 2009 Officially making the 44th President, I don't think I'll fully believe it. Thank you to everyone that did anything to help this to happen. And most importantly THANK YOU to EVERYBODY that VOTED for Barack Obama for the President of the United States of America.

In other election news, The Democrats picked up 5 seats in the Senate, making their majority 56 to 41 (that includes LIEberman, who I think should be thrown out on his ass) and picked up 18 seats in the House making that majority 252 to 173. Massachusetts voted to decriminalize marijuana and South Dakota voted Down a Statewide ban on abortion.

More on other people's reactions later... and it's Worldwide!

To Progress! GObama!

Tuesday, November 04, 2008

I'm Nauseous.

So yeah. Nauseous, not really able to sleep, scared by the last two stolen elections, stomach in knots from the ridiculous points the other ticket's supporters are making to me, and still, albeit cautiously, Optimistic, when it comes to tomorrow's election. If you're getting this eMail you know damn well, my thoughts on the who I'm Voting For and the Why. I won't list them again, at least not here. What's important now is that the Vote Gets Out. Barack is still ahead in the polls, even in most of the "battleground" states, which Now include Indiana, North Carolina, Colorado, Montana and even Arizona. But he doesn't "have" anything yet and won't until after voting tomorrow.

Things to watch for tomorrow. If Virginia, Pennsylvania, and Florida go Obama, it's over. If he can hold on to every state Kerry won (only PA is in any jeopardy) and wins Fla, OH, or (Iowa, New Mexico, and Nevada, all of which is well ahead in) He wins! The African American voter turnout should be extremely high and I think He has inspired the youth to actually come out this time. Remember, this is about electoral votes, not the popular.

And finally, Vote! You have to vote to make a difference. Get to the polls, bring a friend, help a stranger get there, work the phone banks at your local Barack headquarters, but at the very least get out there and let your, albeit small, individual voice heard. It's not the small drop that makes the difference, it's when so many drops get together to form a flood. Yeah, I'm a bit delirious!

Here's to Hoping for the Future!

Get Out and Vote!


P.S. Can you believe it's finally here?!?