Friday, August 24, 2012

Rape! by the gop

To be fair, only a few repuglicans have vocalized their issues with whether or not a Rape! is "legitimate" or "forceable". Sure there are those in the majority of the House of Representatives who wrote, co-wrote and/or voted for policies and platforms redefining Rape!, banning Rape! victims from aborting their pregnancies and redefining Rape! victims into Rape! "accusers".  I'm sure it is just a coincidence that it's almost all (un-elected democratic party "leader"/comic relief comedian whoopie goldberg said something on the view once) of these non-believers and non-carers of rape pregnancies are republicans.

Ah... to long for a time long ago.  Women were happy just having jobs in the same field as men, let alone getting wanting the same pay.  And Sex?  Good girls didn't have it until after they were married (to a man of course), never needing to prevent disease and/or pregnancy from it.  Only "sluts" needed contraception or... birth control. If a woman got pregnant she just dealt with it.  I wonder what people in "biblical" times thought. of Rape.  An unwed mother in olden times... They probably thought 'I'm just so happy that embryo had the right to gestate inside it's mother's womb, but I hope she isn't expecting any help with the child from those who would force her to carry her pregnancy to term'.  Never mind "biblical" times, just think about what they thought during the times conservatives would like to take us all back to.

Let's get back to republican candidate for US Senate akin's "If it's a legitimate rape, the female body has ways to try to shut that whole thing down" and Missouri republican sharon barnes "god has chosen to bless the person [the Rape victim] with a life" and "christian leader"/former republican presidential candidate huckabee's "exrtraordinary people come from 'horrible tragedies' [Rape]" defense and republican congressman king's Rape pregnancies? "I've never heard of such a circumstance in my personal life" [so they must not exist] and "christian leader" fischer's [akin's idea that legitimate rape makes it difficult for pregnancy is] "absolutely right" and of course 80's sitcom star turned "christian leader" and my personal anti-christ, kirk cameron, had to chime in with his support.  Republican candidate for US Senate akin did not come up with this "theory" on his own. It's been going around  in certain republican circles for years.  I'm sure it's just a coincidence that it was republicans that wanted to make women insert machinery into their Virginian V-word to make sure the pregnant woman sees the embryo move inside her womb before choosing to have a legal procedure to abort her pregnancy.  I say V-word because I may one day want to speak at the Michigan House of Representatives.  Republicans there denied a female state legislator the ability to speak in the hall because she said the v-word for women's private parts.

The complete lack of empathy and compassion involved in these statements, and the accusatory 'women will just make it up to get abortions' argument, is startling.  To women who have been Raped, such utterances must feel horrible.  To women in general, they must feel distrusting and demeaning. Idaho republican chuck winder doesn't seem sure women know the difference between "normal relations in a marriage" or what is "truly caused by a rape".  It must feel like steps backward from the progress made.  But how would I know how women would feel, outside of course from the fact that they we are all human beings.  Women are equal in that status still.  How would I know how women think or what's best for women?  What am I republican candidate for US Senate akin or a republican that voted affirmatively for a ban on abortion without exception?  The birth control argument, aside from the "religious" canard, showed just how ridiculous the arguments and some of the people claiming to be leaders in Washington DC have become.  The idea that viagra is covered and the republicans fought to deny birth control to be covered by employers providing insurance is so obviously a double standard? But why would we look for consistency from the pro-life until birth/pro-death penaltiers? 

It would be like looking for facts in their arguments, which brings me to the science of a woman's body shutting down the pregnancy process when raped.  There is none.  It's just made up.  My latest off the top of my head idea about it's origin is that it was a way to make someone think it was ok to Rape, as in 'don't worry there won't be a baby as proof' or 'that couldn't be mine'.  You know back in the day before a woman could be made to purchase a rape kit to prove she was Raped.  There are some "new" theories coming out about where the idea originated. Maybe it is just Incredibly Ignorant people saying whatever they hear that is convenient to their political gain or is their party's group think regardless and careless of how it effects anyone other than themselves and people who think strictly as they do. To their credit, willard romney has come out against such statements and said he is for an exemption for Rape victims in his ban on abortion.  That's what he said today.  We all know how quickly that can change (8:05!!).  The republican vice presidential candidate pauly ryan is trying to distant himself both from his former "personhood" bill writing buddy akin and his stances up until now on redefining Rape and denying Rape exemptions in his bans on a woman's right to choose a legal procedure by a medical professional to abort a pregnancy.

"Recently some of you have been paying attention to the commentary about the senator (sic) from Missouri, Mr. Akin, who … the interesting thing here is that this is an individual who sits on the House Committee on Science and Technology but somehow missed science class,"  "And it's representative of the desire to go backwards instead of forwards and fight fights that we thought were settled 20 or 30 years ago," 
-President Obama

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

The ReStart.

This web log started as an email to anyone who wanted to read it. Some weeks there were multiple emails.  Some weeks there weren't any.  Then I started writing it here And emailing out.  That turned into just writing it here and with the advent of the Facebook (I can't believe there was a time without it) all I do is post link and article after picture, link, and article pretending that any internet that is not in my "newsfeed" doesn't exist.  I do love a good echo chamber, but not only that.  The Facebook satiated two of the main reasons I wrote the Squids Ink blog in the first place, the need to vent my political outrage and praise and get links that I felt important to friends and/or readers.  All that being said, lately I feel like throwing news stories into the Facebook winds and at certain members of the choir I'm "friends" with there does not get my true point across.  So I am starting this back up again and its companion Facebook Page.  So get ready.  What Pops Gustav has called the stillness of the Squid will soon be coming to the end.  Release the Kraken!