Friday, April 26, 2013

I'm over it.

I'm over it.  The facebook soapbox debate team.  The multiple screen new millennium day dream.  The "how can you like that band?"   The John Sayles Good, John Hughes Bad.  The 10 reasons why Patton Oswald should replace JJ Abrams fad.  But there's more to be had.... Bees are dying because of pesticides on genetically modified crops made mandatory by our food supply, privatized.  Bring on the poison!  Bring on the 14 year old mcdonald's hamburger!  For the children.  Strollers equal progress, no matter what is dies in the process.  Culture? Who needs it?  Dissent?  Who heeds it? You want to argue whether bush II was a bad president?  Seriously, you need the evidence repeated?  American Amnesia.  I need to defend what President Obama has done, again and immediately after the Definite majority of the American Votes were won.  The American Argument. Yell until it's moot.   It's good for the incompetent "news", reporting all the tunes that keep us hitting snooze.  A major US city Shut Down, because two crazies bomb a marathon leaving three dead and 30 missing limb.  The bomb? A mix of metal objects and firework gun powder in a pressure cooker.  Back at the house an arsenal of bombs and guns. An AR-15 wielding mad man shoots up a first grade leaving 21 Dead and we still can't get the government to even give every person a background check that wants to buy one, to see if they're crazy, a felon, or a turrist on the run.  Is there a problem that the bombers (from Dagestan outside of Chechnya, though some in the American Intelligentsia have confused that with the Czech Republic) had guns or just the bombs?  Did they listen to an extremist Muslim cleric?  Did they listen to extremist alex jones? Did they differentiate the ingredients of today's violently fear mongering conspiracy soup?  You can make Damn sure they didn't listen to Liberal extremist Dennis Kucinich. Was the younger following the older one's orders?  He was under 9 years old when he moved here.  A hail of gun fire at a landlocked boat, and he wasn't armed at the time to boot.  Rendered speechless once the rights We have in Our Country were read. Why sequester Our debates there? How about the laid off, the furloughed, the dramatically affected. It's Our inept congress's sequester's  White House tour pause and flight delays that have Our patience tested.  Oh No Not Fleet Week too!  What are Our heroes to do?  Filibuster hero, ayn randy paul, droning on for twelve hours about the way a drone flies now says drones are fine if they are shooting down the bad guy, that stole $50 from a liquor store or anyone he agrees is enemy aligned.  The American Constitutionalists' cry to keep the bits they like at all costs, but if they don't like you, that parchment is tossed.  That's a shoe that fits several outfits.  No need to look passed Leviticus.  So that's it.  I quit.  Who am I kidding?  I'm adDickted too it.  But a breath.  A breather.  Breathe in nature's ether.  Avoid the over-stimulation.  The under-simplification.  New Status Update: Freeing mind from occupation.

Friday, April 19, 2013

same boat

We're all in it together.  This reality.  Show.  Gay.  Straight.  Man.  Woman.  Black.  White.  Green.  Greedy.  Jewish.  Muslim.  Taoist.  Christian.  Atheist.  Spinning in circles.  This boat.  Opposite sides paddling in opposite directions.  Checks balanced by obstruction.  You decide.  We decided.  No one abided.  What would the Dude do?  It's none of his business.  It's none of my business.  It's all about business.  Their business.  The hypocrisy.  The indecency.  The intolerant "religious”.  Enshrouded.  Undoubted.  Longing for a time that never existed.  Where privacy consisted.  And questions weren't insisted.  Before the fbi lingerie and the blue dress had its day.  Light a candle in the wind for the days of your.  Own perspective.  Taught to remember the way it wasn't.  When everyone was pure of heart and never lusted.  Hearts and minds.  Clinically.  Cynically blind.  To a "small" government peeping through a bedroom keyhole.  Shouting from internet soapboxes and arm chairs well twitted.  Showing solidarity from the comfort of our own bed.  I-deologies.  Lock step.  Same book's tussle.  The Bible Shuffle.  Holy fiction.  Man written assuming god's diction.  But we are all the same blood, bone, muscle.  Love thy neighbor.  Give them your coat.  Donate your riches.  We are all here.  Now.  And that's all there is.  It's harder to breath past the outrage than it is to continue it.  To find accord than to see the difference.  Scape goat jump rope.  A feudal routine.  The New Bill of Who's Right.  Wrong.  Loud like a Swans song.  Deafening. The whisper in the grass below.  Worker ants just trying to help the queen grow.  Back to nature.  Turned into a stranger.  Walk through the woods.  Breath.  Let your mind go.  Open.  Facing the horizon.  An ocean.  Up from the center of a stand of trees.  Nature’s notion.  The sound of a stream's water splashing can land you on your knees.  Reflections of a blue sky's sunlight.  Bubbling.   From rock to rock.  Watching branches bend.  The breeze.  Enveloped by the sound of trees.  Looking for the creatures that live in their fallen.  The ecological, biological circle of life.  An old tree’s fallen.  Through which a chipmunk's crawling.  A grub's feast.  Shrooms entomb.   Tree to nutrients to a soil.   For new plants.  For a new tree to rise in the light left by the fallen.  Nothing wasted.  Nothing gained.  Efficient.  Sustainable.  Reused.  Recycled.  Made up of the same.  Matter.  Of fact.  Neither created nor destroyed.  The sun rises.  The Earth spins.  The alarm clock sounds.  The next day dawns.  On us all. For one.  And Love for All.