Tuesday, November 05, 2013

Minimum Wage

A full time worker making minimum wage in New Jersey earns $14,500 annually.  That is $3,000 below the poverty line.  241,000 workers in New Jersey make the $7.25 an hour minimum wage.  Some blind, sheltered folks are quick to say high school kids are the only ones making "minimum wage", but  77% of minimum wage workers are over 20 years old. The increase in pay for these workers to help with the rising cost of Everything will not only help the working resident and/or their family makes their own ends meet (mortgage/rent, food, bills, etc), but it will help the economy through increased sales, lowered foreclosure rates, as well as other matrices.  It would be an economic stimulus.  Will businesses have to pay more? Yes.  Will this cut into their profits.? Maybe  Will 241,000 plus more people be able to spend more in small business? Yes.  My "bottom line" is, and has always been, that government's primary goal is not to maximize profits, but to best protect and serve it's citizenry, no matter their income level.  Vote Yes on November 5th to raise the State minimum wage and tie it to increases in the cost of living.  Just think about gas being $1.78 per gallon the last time the minimum wage was raised.  It's time to raise it again and it's time to tie it to cost of living increases.  Working full time at minimum wage should be enough to put a person at or even a little above the poverty line, otherwise it is below the minimum needed.


 The bush-appointed, bully, blow hard.... To be fair, let's check his record as governor.  New Jersey's unemployment ranks 7th Highest in the country. How did christie try to improve NJ's unemployment situation?  He laid off thousands of public workers, teachers, and school employees. Thousands of private jobs have been lost. NJ's economic ranking nationally, comes in at a whopping 47th.  Times are tough in Jersey, child poverty and homelessness are up.  So what does christie do?  Cut tax credits for the low-income residents while giving away BILLIONS in tax credits to corporations, $261 Million to revel casino alone.  The so called/some called moderate has vetoed women's health bills passed by the legislation 4 times.  He has cut funding to family planning centers, forcing some to close.  Tolls and fares are up on bridges and tunnels.   Does that translate into much needed infrastructure spending?  Nope.  Instead Major infrastructure projects and the jobs that go with them are shot down instead, and our infrastructure continues to crumble.  His policy on Education?   Cut $2 Billion from it and demoralize and demonize teachers, reducing their benefits while further overburdening them with more testing and more redundant paperwork.  I'm sure that will provide incentive for people to become teachers and good teachers to stay in the profession.  He is a "fiscal conservative" that has overseen an INCREASE in the average property tax bill, not to mention an increase in my personal State income tax burden. His creative accounting  takes moneys from the Clean Energy program and reneges on the State's portion of the employee pension fund to fill revenue shortfalls.  New Jersey has the 4th Highest Debt in the Nation.  It is ranked by Yahoo as one of the worst run states in the Union, 47th. The current governor is a disrepectful man that mistakes calling people "idiot" and "you people" as straight talk.  Stronger than the storm? In December of 2012, 43 states were ranked higher than New Jersey in Emergency preparedness.  He is scott walker from Wisconsin.  He is paul ryan.  He can call tea partiers "whackos" all he wants, but he is damn close to them.  He vetoed gay marriage.  His economic policy helps those that don't need it and further burdens and cripples those that do.  I don't have a lot of faith that Barbara Buono will defeat christie tomorrow, but I really can't understand what so many people see in him.  The bar lowers...