Friday, October 24, 2014


You want to buy me.  I'm not for sale.  Not for bargain prices. Not for full retail. Corporations play and don't pay, fooling us into thinking they taste great.  That our only freedom is to choose what of theirs to buy. It long past time for that type of thinking to Die.  Our rights do not start and end with someone's profit.  Some boards' or some congressmen's yacht trip. Pro-choice!  Pro-voice! in a world that the only protesters that don't need a permit come from one side that shout and scream a light on a horrible situation that a private person would try and hide.  Why? Because, they don't like the choice.  The fetus attached doesn't have a voice, but once that child's born they treat its poverty as its choice.  Hiding behind a man that said sell what you have and give it to the poor they fight against any help to those in need except for themselves.

I am American.
I am Pro-Choice.
I am Pro-Voice.
I am anti-corporation.
I am filled with frustration.
As I see a political and social minority
hold up their gold plated crosses,
confusing fighting for their freedoms with forcing their beliefs on me.
Appointed robes, in charge as long as They want
growing ever more political since the 43rd president they appointed.
To these flowing gowned men corporations are people.
Employees have no rights under a master's chosen steeple.
If only the Constitutional amendment read government and not Congress
when it comes to religion's establishment.
Then maybe I could remain separate from those who believe in Leviticus.