Tuesday, June 07, 2016

I'm voting Sanders in tomorrow's NJ Democratic Primary and this is why.

Tomorrow is the New Jersey Democratic Presidential Primary and this Democratic Party member will be voting in it.

I have been a fan of Senator Bernie Sanders since before he became a Senator, first listening to him speak against the bush's war of choice in Iraq. Representative Sanders voted, along with 126 Democratic members in the House and 21 Democratic Senators, against the Iraq authorization of force resolution.  He stood up against the Patriot Act, when very few others (59 Dems in the House) would. He has been a Consistent voice over decades when it comes to income inequality, the unfairness of the economy, and greedy corporate power controlling our country with Only their "personal" gain in mind.

The progressive movement has progressed.  We as a country are in a different place when it comes to social issues and economic awareness than we were eight, or sixteen, years ago.  One of my proudest political moments was being at Ralph Nader's Madison Garden Rally in the year 2000 (another was attending the First Inauguration of President Barack Obama).  To listen to Nader's speech now, you realize that it's not So different from the Bernie stump speech.  I don't mean to compare these two candidates because of any "spoiler" nonsense. Gore lost because his campaign sucked! He benched the greatest politician at the time, who had Us using the word "surplus" when talking about the economy, and then conceded quickly after winning the popular vote and the Shady going's on in jeb bush's Florida. But i digress.  We were listening to that speech and comparing it to the Sanders stump.  It may be a little more progressive, but it's pretty damn close.  To think that a candidate with This message has done so well here in the 2016 America is truly something. Bernie's decision to join the Democratic Party and run for our nomination was a smart one.  And the Democratic Party should be commended for allowing it.  Neither the National media nor the DNC/rnc Presidential debate stages give a third party candidate a chance.  Just ask Ralph.  The fact that we are here on June 6th, and Democratic Socialist Senator Bernie Sanders still has a shot in the Democratic Party Presidential Primary is astounding.  I Absolutely Love it!  From Nader to Occupy Wall Street to Bernie Sanders for President, the Progressive message for the 99% has gotten stronger, is heard more frequently, from far more voices than anytime I can remember. Income inequality and uncontrolled corporate control are real issues.  They are real problems, affecting real people.  The progress of this movement, that Bernie now leads, is proof that People have a voice, when we use it. Has it reached where it has to go? Not by a long shot.  Has it progressed forward? You're damn right it has.

My vote in tomorrow's New Jersey Presidential Primary will be for Senator Bernie Sanders.  His campaign sends a message loud and clear to the Democratic Party and beyond that We want to Act more Progressively, that every American can be heard when we stand together, and that being a billionaire shouldn't mean you have more of a say in a government "of the people, by the people, and for the people". His integrity when it comes to his message is unimpeachable.  This is a man, who wrote a book and gave the royalties to charity.  I know it's more than a long shot at this point for him to get the nomination.  That never stopped me before. Tomorrow I stand and VOTE with Senator Bernie Sanders.