Sunday, May 21, 2017

121 days

The President of the United States whining to the graduating class of the Coast Guard Service Academy that no President has ever been treated so poorly or harshly is not only pathetic, it is hogwash. Donald has sown this chaos and tone. It is in reaction to him. He mainstreamed this toxic attitude throughout the campaign and since. He is the one making the ridiculous, intimidating and mocking comments and Tweets. Tweets?!?! All this constant chaos has some asking if it's just smoke. But smoke from what?  Russian oil deals? Selling off public lands? Chinese Golden visa investments? The press, especially the White House Press Corps, always hangs on every word, action, and movement of the White House.  At least every bit that they can.  The reason the constant bombardment is so nuts is because he is. Is he just surrounded and insulated with such sycophants that he is a real life version of the Emperor Has No Clothes?  He divulged "code word"classified information gathered from Israeli intelligence operatives on isis (not the Dylan song), to the russian ambassador, whose ties to flynn are being investigated. It's been reported that the information may be about an attack on civilian air travel, which was the only interesting thing out of donald's second National Security Advisor's non denial denial of the Washington Post's report (also see laptop bans on flights). I don't think donald telling russia highly classified information was illegal, but it made us less safe. It affects what our allies will share with us. It aides our adversaries. It came from the republican candidate who was all about the handling of classified information through out the campaign. If he did so casually to brag, it is even worse.

"They tricked us." This was the reaction of a White House official to a russian government photographer who they allowed in, making photographs public that show the President of the United States palling around and posing (while telling National Secrets) with russian officials during a meeting in which the US press was not allowed. This a day after he fired the Head of the FBI, who was investigating the russians' influence on our election and possible collusion with the trump/pence campaign. This was the day after Sally Yates and James Clapper gave the US Senate Judiciary Committee precise and straightforward testimony on donald's first National Security Advisor, mike flynn, on russia's influence on the election, and on whatever the republicans were asking in order to deflect from russia's influence on the election and donald's first pick for NSA.

The endless insanity coming from the executive branch of the government has reasonable people asking if it's all a show, partly because it has to be to make any sense. It has my tin foil hat pinging. How could this be allowed to just continue, even with the "party (and money) before country" party in charge? Much of what has gotten done has been stalled or slowed. The massaged travel ban is now in it's third appeal (0-2). The ban's legal team is contorting itself around donald's own statements about the ban in interviews, of course on twitter, and in statements right after signing it.

What else has the "smoke" been obscuring?  The House's 60 somethingth "repeal in name only" of the Affordable Care Act? Now the Senate is "working" on making it so that no one's benefits get cut, just like donald promised and a lot of their constituents want, while getting rid of its revenue streams. Is it obscuring the rounds of golf? The invitations and accolades for dictators? The bombs while he ate cake? The presidential double scoops of ice cream? There have been 90 executive actions (32 orders) taken, an action the republican candidate campaigned against. Many of the these Executive actions, including several orders, have been little more than proclamations.  A resolution repealing President Obama's "the methane rule" for drilling oil and natural gas was actually stopped in the Senate thanks to Every Democratic Senator, as well as republican Senators Susan Collins, lindsey graham, and john, i'm still relevant, mccain, who you may remember, legitimized the alt-ra right wing with sarah, i can see russia, palin. The increase in immigration law enforcement is very real and very harsh. The Global Gag Rule expansion will effect millions of women. The EPA is scrubbing itself of science, with rulings that have already poisoned people. But then his the tax plan is little more than a bullet pointed memo and the three month budget that passed Congress, where the republican party got none of the draconian cuts they wanted. And let us not forget that we dropped the biggest non-nuclear bomb on a country, in what was probably just part of the pissing match with north korea's dear leader.

It's tough to tell what battles to pick when there are so many coming at you. It's hard not to let your own predictions become fuel for your rage. I still predict war by summer, especially with the recent US arming of $audi Arabia. The maddening "why?!"s you can never know the answers to, the "what if"s, and "he can do that?"s pile up fast. It's 121 days in and here is a list of the actual laws passed. Make no mistake, phone calls, emails, post cards, town halls, and taking to the streets have forced many stalls, stops and changes to what the bannon/donald/pence white house and the republican party in Congress that support him want.  We need to keep it up, and if the constant hysteria helps then so be it. Right now, We need newly appointed Special Cousel former FBI Director (Sept. 2001- Sept. 2013) Robert Mueller to clear the smoke on russia's influence on our election and donald's former National Security Adviser mike flynn. The United States Congress also needs to Act. We need to hear from Comey under oath with his memo. We need flynn under oath. Manafort. And yes Vice President about what exactly Flynn told him. The Treasury Financial crime data needs to be given to the Senate. We need the agenda stalled until this is cleared up. Sometimes you have to put America First, over party.

I only hope that his trip to religious capitals of the world and the $110 Billion arms deal to the country that 15 of the hijackers, including their leader, came from isn't foreshadowing of the coming war.