Wednesday, April 11, 2007

John Murtha and Barak Obama

For those of you who didn't see it Monday night (neither did I), here is Senator Barak Obama's appearance on Late Night with David Letterman.

And here is what Congressman John Murtha had to say about the failure-in-chief's veto threat:

My Response to the President's Veto Threat
by Representative John Murtha

I have just been informed that the 4th Infantry Division is preparing to deploy to Iraq with only eight months at home and without the appropriate training. This is unacceptable. The stress on our military due to the manner in which the president has waged the war in Iraq is no longer tolerable. Due to continuous and extended deployments to Iraq, our military is running out of troops and equipment and is being forced to abandon its own rotation and deployment guidelines in order to sustain the president's war plan. In short, our military has been forced to do too much with too little. Our military readiness has deteriorated to levels not seen since Vietnam and our ability to fight future threats is severely compromised. Yet the president refuses to address this most vital issue. In reaction to the disastrous manner in which the president has run the war, Congress passed the Iraq Accountability Act in both houses. This bill provides resources to address the readiness problem, puts the onus on the Iraqi Government to internally solve its own civil war and provides the beginnings of a safe and responsible return of our United States forces from Iraq. The Constitution expressly places the power 'to raise and support Armies,' and 'to provide and maintain a Navy' with Congress. It is, therefore, Congress' responsibility to raise the revenues for our military and to determine in what manner and by what means they shall be spent. For four years, the president has been waging a war without end and without accountability. The Iraq Accountability Act expresses the sentiment of the Congress and the majority of the American people who say it's time for a plan to safely and responsibly end the war.

I'll be back later in the week to discuss the recent parade of flowers and sweets in Iraq, the Pope, and any other news that doesn't concern don imus or the sopranos.

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